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Hi, How did it go with the iframe? I can’t see the update for that but in your wp-theme you got a iframe in a device. Is that a newer version in the theme?

Thanks / Ola

Hi, you’re right: we’ve included the latest plugin’s version with iFrame into our Seriously theme. We’ll update the plugin itself this week. :-)

I understand that this doesn’t work for displaying a website as an iframe but if I put a full length screen shot of a website would it scroll, or would it just be static?

This is what I’m looking for.. http://tiffanyisrael.com/work/mawwwage-website/

Hi, the latest plugin’s version (which is available within our Smoothly theme) allows one to display iFrames. So we can make it available for you after the purchase :-)

Where can I see a demo of the iFrame option?

Hi, you can see it here http://seriously.products.openmarco.com/features/ (just scroll almost to the bottom of the page). Thanks!

Hi, how do i use the iframe function to enable a image to scroll when you hover over it? Thanks

Hi, the iFrame function allows you to display real websites within iFrames, not images