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Hot! Been waiting for a plugin like this. Love it!

Yeah, I’d buy it too if it weren’t our product! :-) BTW, it’s much better than the one we’ve included into the theme (this one includes tons of new mock-ups).

Quick question. Will email you via envato

Hi man, our next Visual Composer’s add-on is ready for you – https://codecanyon.net/item/creative-image-gallery-for-visual-composer/17382161 :-)

Damn this is really good Idea mate, good luck for sale!!!

Thanks man! :-)

These look great! Just to check before I buy it, can you do a slideshow of something so it autoplays on any of these devices? I can see in the demo it has a creative image carousel, I just wanted to check that it definitely can autoplay something to reduce the user having to click across. Does this mean I would have to purchase the mockups AND the carasol if I want rotating slides inside my devices? Thanks!

Hi, this Visual Composer add-on includes all these mock-ups which are actually containers in which you can put other Visual Composer elements (like single image, video, text, button, etc.). In our demo we used some other our add-ons like Creative Google Maps, Creative Social Links and Creative Image Carousel. So if you own a copy of Creative Image Carousel (or our Colors Creative WordPress theme which includes a light version of it) you can put an image carousel (with auto-play) in any mock-up…

Great thanks! I’ve now installed the visual composer version. It doesn’t seem to be working. My VC is up to date and I have done what it says but nothing seems to be showing when I use them. Do you need to size your artwork in a certain way? Do you just choose a single image to put the artwork in? Any chance I can get you to take a look?

Hi, sorry for the delay: we haven’t received a notification with the comment… Have you resolved the issue? If not, please, submit a ticket here – https://openmarco.ticksy.com/ Thank you!

Hi there,

will a plugin work without VC?

If no, do you have plans to create one?

Thanks, Igor

“Igorek” sounds like a Russian name, doesn’t it? :-)

Ukraine, Russian, Belarus, and some other contries from former USSR :)

You’re right man! :-)

Is it possible to display a website by simply adding a url ?

Hi, you cannot do it right now. But this is a cool feature! We’ll think about adding it. Thank you! :-)


nasan Purchased

I will purchase now this is great! Just a few questions;

1. Are the elements completely responsive?

2. Will you be adding some Android elements as well?



nasan Purchased

Hi there, for some reason the plugin isn’t working completely on my site. Real devices dont show at all and the colour options cannot be changed. Flat devices only show in black. Only the colurful devices seem to work properly. ANy ideas?

Hey, let us find out what’s wrong, and if it’s a bug, we’ll fix it immediately and upload the new version! :-)

Hi, this was a bug. We’ve fixed it and uploaded the new plugin’s version. It will be available for download very soon

Hi, love the concept. Will be useful for showcasing website portfolios on my site.

However, is it possible to load a live url in the plugin configuration/setting so that the live site displays within the mockups? So for example, let’s say I just finished designing codecanyon.com and I want to showcase how it looks on different devices, can I just add the live url (www.codecanyon.com) in the plugin/addon setting and when visitors visit the page, they can view the site within the different devices showcased?

This gives visitors a true perspective of how the site looks on the various devices instead of just showcasing images. Please advise. I have saved this plugin in my favorite in anticipation of your response.

Hi, thank you for your suggestions! :-) We are finishing our next Gallery plugin and there is one more in our list, so we’ll update the Mock-ups plugin right after these two releases. Sorry for the delay. It takes more time as usual…

Checking to see if there is any update on this feature? Thanks

Hi man, not yet :-)

Hey this is an awesome plugin! You should submit it to our site :-)

Hey hey, thank you very much! What should we do to sumbit it?

By the way, we couldn’t register… Instead of an activation link we’ve received a ‘Please Confirm Subscription’ email, and that’s it :-(

Hi there,

Not sure if this was asked before (couldn’t find it). Is it possible to embed a website in the iMac and iPad/iPhone frames?

If it’s possible, will the iMac/iPhone show non-mobile and mobile version of the embedded website?


Hi, thank you for this question. You cannot do it now but we’ll add this feature soon

Nice. Is there any way to get notified when this is implemented?

Hi, just drop us a message via the form here https://themeforest.net/user/openmarco and we’ll inform you when we release it. Thanks! :-)


nasan Purchased

Hi there, can you tell me whats the latest version of the plugin?

Hi, it’s 1.1.2. But within a couple of days we’re releasing v.1.2.0


I would like to display a url inside a phone image – will your plugin allow me to do this?

Many thanks, Ian

Hi Ian, what do you mean? Could you explain it in more detail? You can submit a ticket here https://openmarco.ticksy.com/ and talk to our Support team directly. Thank you! :-)

HI is it possible to change the image mockup ? I would like to put a video inside a old tv

Hi, no you cannot do it. But that’s a good idea. Let us think about it.

That’s a good plugin, 5 stars for sure, but if we can change the mockup It will be a killer plugin ! ;)

I would like to promote a book, is it possible to have text that is scroll-able?

Hi, please, open a ticket here https://openmarco.ticksy.com/ to talk to our Support team directly. Thanks :-)

Hi, I can use another visual composer elements and iframes inside of the mockup?

Hey, exactly! You can put any VC element inside the mockups. :-)

Hi, Is it possible to show a webpage in to the device? Like, i post a URL and it shows me like Google Maps.

Thank you

Hi guys Any news about my request? :)

Hi mate, we’ve just added an iFrame element into the plugin! Right now, we’re testing it locally. I hope it will be released the other day. By the way, you can create a ticket here https://openmarco.ticksy.com/ and get an early access to it! :-)

Cool, Thank you.
Allready open a ticket :)


Very nice plugin :)

Please add the monitors (iMac) without the trademark sign of Apple too. This is to avoid any trademark issues, of course.

Using the Apple logo can become a big problem. Therefore please make the monitors without the Apple logo too.

Thank you!

Hi, thank you for your kind words! The plugin is supercool indeed. Regarding the logos: we will delete them very soon. Thank you!

Is this plugin working with latest version of VC . 5.0 or 5.0.1 ?

Hi, the plugin is fully compatible with the latest VC version. Thank you for your purchase! :-)

Sent an item in support a day ago, no response. Please help?

Hi, we’ve just replied to you :-)

I am having trouble with loading video content from vimeo to fill the iPhone screen. Can you email me a quick how to?

Hi I don’t see any demo of combine multiple devices lie pc, phone and table in one, is it possible ?

Hi, this is possible with a piece of custom CSS (you can see such a demo here http://products.openmarco.com/seriously/features/ ). When you buy the plugin, you can open a ticket, and our Support manager will send you the code. Thank you! :-)