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Hi, How did it go with the iframe? I can’t see the update for that but in your wp-theme you got a iframe in a device. Is that a newer version in the theme?

Thanks / Ola

Hi, you’re right: we’ve included the latest plugin’s version with iFrame into our Seriously theme. We’ll update the plugin itself this week. :-)

I understand that this doesn’t work for displaying a website as an iframe but if I put a full length screen shot of a website would it scroll, or would it just be static?

This is what I’m looking for..

Hi, the latest plugin’s version (which is available within our Smoothly theme) allows one to display iFrames. So we can make it available for you after the purchase :-)

Where can I see a demo of the iFrame option?

Hi, you can see it here (just scroll almost to the bottom of the page). Thanks!

Hi, how do i use the iframe function to enable a image to scroll when you hover over it? Thanks

Hi, the iFrame function allows you to display real websites within iFrames, not images

Hello, did you plan an update soon?

Hi, sorry for the huge response time. Could you please specify what exact features you’d like to see in the update? Thank you!

Your last update is from October 2016, since new mobiles and tablets are on the market, have you planned to make them available?

Hello. Your demo site is down. Is this plugin currently functioning?

Are you sure it’s working for other people? I just checked multiple computers, different ISP’s, and my mobile just on data (no wifi) and all devices show the same – just the header with the loading/pulsing icon. Checked today, 12/7.

Hi, what about now?..

Yes! All better!! Thanks.

Can I insert a image gallery inside the mockup?

Pre-Sale Question – Its been 2 years since this theme has been updated is it still functioning with the latest version of Wordpress & VC? I noticed there was no response to the last person should I contact VC and have them remove this plugin from their site?

I am really interested with your plugin, would you be making it compatible with Elementor page builder?

This product is DEAD