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Looks like a very nice script! Welcome to Code Canyon :)

Thanks Tom.

Very creative, and welcome to CodeCanyon. Can you tab to an image and use the enter key to select it?


No you can’t tab it. Maybe if it’s done with javascript you can obtain the data of this captcha and then return false so the button doesn’t submit. I will check on it tomorrow and maybe setup a demo for you.

I have created a demo page where the captcha is just a div element. With this it was possible to create a more user friendly captcha.

Check this demo: http://screenr.com/Q60

In your demo vid, did I see that if the user clicks the wrong image it resets/refreshes the form and removes data entered in by the user?

It removes the fields (username and password) because the data has been submitted.. It was just a demo so there’s is no actual use of those fields ;)

Similar to this: that we use

Welcome to CodeCanyon. Will check out your Vid.


That’s not true. The captcha that I created is just one image and doesn’t need javascript to work.

I think not a practical approach.

I think it could be easily deciphered by robots (computer machines), as the image URL could be compared in this case. Even in case you are setting it as a background image, it could be deciphered.

There is a working demo, just check it out.

Looks very good, as u noted above i like the way it don’t requires javascript and the image url can’t be compared.

Definitly going to use it many times.

Interesting script. What about mobile support? Does it work on mobile phones and ipad?

I viewed the source code but can’t understand how the script detects a valid click. How is that done Nielsk?

Can we change the images to own images?

I have not tested it on a iPad/pod or mobile device because captcha’s are always a bad choice for the user experience.

Monkeys from outer space check if you clicked on the right icon, that’s why we have all those aliens that have been spotted for the last years ;) But if I tell you how it’s done it would be too easy to clone my project (hopefully you agree with me on this one)

Yes you can change the images :) Keep in mind to use images that have the same aspect ratio

hey great script.. can it be incorporated into wordpress posts???

more specifically… this page form: http://codecanyon.net/item/ajax-contact-forms-for-wordpress/129211 and this widget form: http://codecanyon.net/item/wpcontact-ajax-contact-form/112317 the captures they use really blow… but urs is sick!! i’d love to have it incorporated instead.. can u do it???

I don’t know anything about Wordpress but I will look at it when I have some spare time :)

I think the only thing I need to do is build a validation method whether the captcha returns TRUE or FALSE .

cool… wp is all php backend.. so u’d just be integrating ur code into either the hardcode framework.. or another author’s plugin code. lemme know if get to this..


dmh Purchased

Hi, Very nice captcha. Only problem is when the browser font is enlarged, for example, say IE is enlarged from 100% to 125%, The coordinates within the captcha do not work anymore. Is there any fix for that?

I have to check this for myself but I don’t think it’s possible.


I finally get it to put in use and I had a problem with characters. Instead of imagestring(), you should use imagettftext() so people could use it in other languages.

I truly don’t understand why people always forget about UTF -8 support here. Internet is not only in English you know (:

Edit: imagettftext() gives error and not displaying anything. Do you have a solution for UTF -8 text strings?

I was working on it and I have 2 more (and hopefully last) questions;

  • Is it possible to use it with Jquery or just not submit the forum upon click?

    P.S. Even if it is not possible, I found an elegant way to use this work of yours, so I really wouldn’t mind, I just wanted to ask to know in case if I will need it in the future.

  • I’m not experienced with PHP image stuff (never put my hands on it before) yet. I managed to change white background to transparent.

    I managed to change text’s background as well. Problem is rotated image’s background is black and it looks ugly on the theme I’m using.

    Is there any chance, you could explain your code? There is no information about changing colors.

I will be really glad if you could guide me with it.

The icons that are used by this captcha are transparant which means that the backgrounds will be set to #000 if the image rotates. I don’t know why this happens but it’s a (kinda) bug in PHP .


dmh Purchased

I hope you’re still around. I am trying to put this script in a ipad/iphone app and the problem I have is the form submits when you enter the first charater on the iphone keypad. Is there any way around that?