Create Your Own Online Game!

Create Your Own Online Game!

Features at a glance (40+ features!)

  • Paypal integration – easily make money from your website just enter your paypal address and you’re ready to go!
  • Reward members for inviting their friends and voting for your website on other websites.
  • Voucher System – Create vouchers that can be redeemed for prizes such as energy, cash, tokens, icons and more!
  • Administrate everything from the backend of the script.
  • News system, you can even let your members submit articles for your approval.
  • Custom forum integrated within the script and fully customisable.
  • And of course a feature packed, unique game not seen anywhere else.


Back online soon


Originally developed as a mafia themed browser-based online text-based game codenamed mafialegend, this script will allow you to run your very own game whether it be mafia related or something completely different.


I provide free support and installation for all customers. Script comes with full documentation including: installation, quick starters guide and game FAQ.


  • Account functionality (register/login/forgot password/resend activation Activation tokens, email verification, reCAPTCHA, Wordpress influenced authentication for security)

  • Permission based accounts: 4 roles: super admin, admin, moderator, member (default) all with unique permissions all editable.

  • Profiles – When someone creates an Account and logs in, they can create a Profile/Character that is connected to their account. You can edit your avatar, profile quote, change your password and email notifications you receive etc.

  • Front Page News system – easily post and edit news to your website in second.

  • Admin System – Edit news, edit front page news, edit game guide pages, edit vote websites, edit token packs, edit profiles, edit accounts, mass donations, ban members, view payments, view all messages sent between profiles and edit general settings such as resetting the game.

  • Mail System – send and receive messages from other players in the game.

  • Invite System – Invite friends for rewards

  • Voting System – vote for websites for rewards (all editable via Administration Panel)

  • Game Guide/FAQ system – View pages created by members of staff, ALL editable via the Administration Panel such as game related content, legal content: privacy policies, terms of service or staff lists, contact forms.

  • Contact system – Add friends and enemies and see when their online.

  • Alert System – Receive a sound alert customisable by the administrator every time you receive a alert.

  • Forums – Custom built forum integrated with the game. Administrators can edit and add new forums, lock, sticky, delete, edit topics/posts, anyone can post in the forums. There are even forums automatically created only for each family with each family forum with its unique family permissions.

  • Javascript WYSIWYG Editor – implements latest version of tiny_mce for WYSIWYG support for all editable parts of the script: messages, forums, funeral home, news, game guide, etc.
  • Store system – Players can buy subscriptions, token packages and exchange them (all this is editable via the administration panel and files).

  • PAYPAL INTEGRATION (simply edit paypal email address in config.php file!)

  • Stats – view who is online or offline, attackable, in the same city as you, who the best players are and what families they are in (if any) and view your own stats such as skills, vehicles, money earned, bodyguards, rank progress, so much more!

  • Stash System – View what inventory you currently have, you can also equip weapons from here.

  • Turf System – View what turf you own in what city and how much income you get for each property/business. You can also see what money you have in the safe of each property.

  • Crime system – Commit crimes of different difficulties and types to increase your skills, burgle houses, participate in drug trafficking, extortion, prostitution, contract hits, organised crimes and much more, each of these features alone could fill a page.

  • Airport system – Fly to different cities in the game, prices are calculated from the distance in km from the current city to the next.

  • Bank system – Withdraw and deposit money.

  • Casino system – Play blackjack and slots (custom built), involves skill and luck, minimum and maximum bets editable by the casino owner, withdraw and deposit from his/her safe, sell the casino. Player can firebomb the casino.

  • Chopshop system – Sell vehicles here for a fee settable by the owner of the chopshop. You have to visit different cities to find the best prices and lowest fees.

  • Fence system – Sell items here for a fee settable by the owner of the fence. You have to visit different cities to find the best prices and lowest fees.

  • Funeral system – When someone dies you can visit their funeral and leave messages to them and view other peoples messages as well as see who else has died in the game.

  • Hospital system – Replenish your health by visiting a doctor for a fee.

  • Police station – bribe police officers, go to jail, bail out inmates, smuggle in money to inmates, snitch on players or stay quiet, attack other inmates, and buy items from the prison shop.

  • Pub system – Visit the pub and buy drinks for people. If they like you they may offer you a weapon which you can buy for a fee depending on the type of weapon, many different types: handguns, shotguns, machine guns, sniper rifle (type/name/image/damage/price all editable)

  • City Map system – Nice overview of all the mobsters/families which control a city or business. Color coded.

  • Family system – Create a family for a fee and if you meet the requirements, choose a unique colour, family type such as Italian Mafia or Russian Mafia etc, unique ranks per family type, invite anyone you want and choose what rank you want them to be, go to war with other families or forge alliances, kick members, whack (kill) members, mass message members, promote/demote members, pay tributes, withdraw/deposit from the family safe, view the family forums, edit/delete/lock/sticky topics you want and disband the family and SO much more!

High Quality Code

  • Implements Twig PHP template engine ( to separate the code from the design.

  • Object oriented code.

  • Highest coding standards.

  • Easily reusable code for your own applications.
  • Changelog

Updated to v1.6 (24th September 2012)
- Fixed bug where if you were an admin it displayed any profile you were viewing as an admin.
- Fixed bug where if editing family members it displayed the ranks by your family id and not the type. (it did not display correct ranks when editing family)
- Fixed missing variables on the stats.php page (it will now correctly show new crimes, max bodyguards, max drugs and drugs)
- Fixed missing variables on family page (it will now correctly show the member count and location name). 
- Fixed missing family relation images which depict how the family structure works.
- Fixed forum post content from displaying stripped data as raw data (it did strip unwanted php and html tags but displayed it as raw data).
- Airport images are now included with the script and have been resized to 50px x 25px.
- New screenshots are included, which are also included with the script and viewable on the index. They are all also now resized to 96x x 162px.
- Updated documentation.

Updated to v1.5 (25th August 2012)
- Minor bug fixes.
- New screenshot depicting the in-game city map.

Updated to v1.4 (4th August 2012)
- Added voucher system add-on requested by a customer. Allows administrators to create vouchers that can be redeemed for special items such as energy, tokens, cash, weapons etc. A great incentive to get people to register on your site, enter competitions etc.
- Fixed paypal bug not rewarding you with tokens you purchased was due to some code missing after an earlier update.
- Added icons folder which was missing in an earlier version
- Made a backup of the static folder containing images, javascript, sounds etc to the public directory incase you do not edit your server configuration to point to this directory in which case you receive 404 errors. Works both ways, though I recommend setting it up (documentation explains how in 1 easy step).
- Fixed other minor bugs and typos.

Updated to v1.3
- Fixed public files causing redirect loop missed in v1.2
- Turned paypal sandbox mode off by default

Updated to v1.2
- Fixed public files causing redirect loop
- Fixed template files causing incorrect recaptcha code message
- Updated documentation