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What a great script !

I look at it , but if you create an artist coming the other photos also in the profile. Is it possible that every artist is a person’s actual website with his photos?

I am not sure if I get what you want. We should talk on mail. Drop me an hi on arpit@picwiz.net

Hi. I would like to inform you that I had started work on a project similar to your requirements. The progress is good. I am expecting it to be completed in one orbtwo weeks. I will keep you informed if you want.

I have a similar question as above. Is it possible to have multiple users creating their own site with this script? What happens when I create a new artist? http://startmd.net/mermaid/demos/control/index.php?artists Does it create a new site that a new user can edit, or does it allow another person to edit my main site?

Thanks! That will be AWESOME!

Hello there,

I would like to inform you that the script is pretty much done. I have been testing it and it looks good and works nicely.

you can go to http://startmd.net/pinhole/ to have a look. It’s still not complete since I am still testing it. So some errors might popup here and there.


Hi, the script is ready now. If you want to buy it, I have put it up on sale for 59.99$. But since you were one of the pioneering customer for the script, I am ready to give 25% off. So if you want to buy at 45$, just mail me. You will get a fully working website, updates for 1 year for free and all the themes that will be published for it in the future.

I would be keen on the multi-user version as you guys are discussing above too. Just so you know…. i expect (though I was interested in single user as I am artist looking to setup my own sites and am exploring options to handle fairly big portfolio of couple thousand images of my own)..... i also have some domains (i do seo and marketing too) specifically needing multiuser upload ability like described above – ive tried a couple scripts that just didnt quite fit or overcomplicated things for what i would like…. I will check out your new sample above but I will almost certainly buy if you put a multi user version up too…

Hi, the script is ready now. If you want to buy it, I have put it up on sale for 59.99$. But since you were one of the pioneering customer for the script, I am ready to give 25% off. So if you want to buy at 45$, just mail me. You will get a fully working website, updates for 1 year for free and all the themes that will be published for it in the future.

that is very generous of you – i checked out links again and am truly impressed with your work and indeed how quickly you are able to realize what already comes across as so refined and quality work! I would love to take up your offer, though not sure how to go about messaging you? i will try your contact form but let me know if im not able to get through to you…. I dont know if you offer work for hire as well, if so I have a couple web projects that could really benefit from the professionalism your work displays. Thanks, talk more soon

Hey. You can mail me: arpit@picwiz.net

how can i up the limit on what can be uploaded in image size it seems anything over 2mb doesnt get loaded right

nvm fixed it

only question, if i wanted to add a page myself to the site can this be done i would like to add a pricing page

Hello sir, I am sorry for tardy response. Can you send me a mail at arpit@picwiz.net so that I can help you with that? Currently, adding custom pages is not implemented (a rather short sighted mishap from my side), so I will simply help you add the pricing page as per your requirements so you have the site up and running properly. I won’t charge anything for this, of course. Waiting for your mail, thank you!

One question wanted to know if in addition to integrating a system of multiple users (Admin) has a slider system to display the Portfolio of various categories like this website? http://www.footsurgeryatlas.com/ regards

Hello, thank you for showing interest. Sadly, for now, I am unable to add any substantial new features. Although, Multiple Admin Support and Categorisation is already available in the script. Categorisation is in the form of “Albums” though and doesn’t have a horizontal filtering list mechanism currently. Adjusting albums to make them appear as filterable categories, as shown in the website you linked to, is possible and should not be much of trouble. I can probably do it for free. Contact me for more information.

i installed your script everything seems to work fine , but when i preview the final website, menu and albums does not work. Each menu link points to non existing subdirectories . Could it be because i installed the script inside a subdirectory of my domain and not on main root? How can i fix the problem ?

i also tried to install on main domain root…but again….it does not create de PORTFOLIO folder and subfolder….

Hey, can you send me the details of the problem on arpit@picwiz.net? It seems like an issue with htaccess. So it would be nice to know if your server is working on apache httpd server or something else.

Issue solved. Thanks Very quick and helpful support (5 stars)

Great ideal…Good job

why does this demo always popup subscribe? http://picwiz.net/mermaid/demo/blog/-/95/

The subscribe thing can be disabled. I have recently noticed that its not very consistent in “not appearing again and again”, so I will do something about it in future. And about the images being cutoff… I need to see some screenshots here. The code is not supposed to cutoff any image on the main preview link.

this is how it looks in chrome using Magnetic theme: http://tinypic.com/r/vgtq11/9

Agh, I see. Magnetic is based off of a free portfolio theme and so the cropping. No other theme(to best of my memory) has any cropping. I will remove cropping from magnetic too.

Where are the themes for Mermaid that are shown here at the link below? The only theme included in my download was Elate, and none of the themes available for download are the same as the ones shown at this link:


I hope your problem was solved with our conversation on mail :)

Hi! Before buying, i need to know if it is possible to translate the entire script to Norwegian?

Do you also mean translating the admin panel? It is possible to do that, but a bit tedious. Translating the front end on the other hand is very easy as we used some templating engines to make the script. Even if you have no experience with coding, you can translate with just like help from me.

Admin panel does not seem to work (broken link).

How can I test this demo? thanks

Try now :)

I see. Nice but I don’t see blog / journal in the admin panel. And I cannot select a different theme :(

However I see “subscription box”. Not sure how that applies to the website visitor interface

Theme was disabled in demo. Images with a description are treated as blogs. Subscription box is an experimental feature and so far I have not seen any client find a good use for it. I added it right from the start but seems like its not a good idea for a portfolio.

???? abandoned project?

Any way to put my google adsense?

Any way to put my google adsense?

Yes, you can easily edit files in templates folder.


robife Purchased

Hi sir
I was thinking to Buy this script.It looks nice. I try demo and for so far everything looking fine.
My question is DO you want to support this script or are you thinking to delete it. ;-)

I won’t recommend you buying it as there won’t be any new updates soon. I can’t delete because I need it to be on codecanyon for my portfolio.


robife Purchased

Thank you for your honesty.
I have to admit that I just love this script.
So far, this is what I want. Scipt works as it should.
Easy to install and even easier to use.
In terms of updates, I think it’s not necessary when the script covers my needs and works properly
I will rate this script 5 stars
thank you so much

I just bought this but your link to your “readme” file (hopefully containing installation instructions) is broken. I’m stuck with your script. How do I install it?

A readme file was also included in the download file. If not, drop me a mail so I can send you the file.

Your readme file is included BUT redirects to http://picwiz.net/docs/ which does not exist . Tell me the correct readme / installation guide page. Thanks.

I’m still waiting for installation guide. Does it even exist?

I bought your script and paid for support. I have an urgent project to launch and your damn script contains no installation guide which makes it useless to me. I sent you a request for the installation guide through support tab but no response.

Now I’m only left with the option of asking for a refund. Please approve it. Thanks

Hi the demo page doesn’t show. When you click view demo it just refreshes the main page. Also what framework was used to build this?

readme page is lost

hi! I am sorry I did not revert back. Actually the project is on a hold as I have gone for higher studies and cant devote anytime to this. I will process a refund request if you want and keep the product as compensation for whatever headache it had caused you. I am really sorry and do not intend to rip off anyone.

ok ,i want refund ,good luck .

I have reuploaded the docs again.

How do I request a refund? I purchased this script, installed it on my website and it is impossible to upload images of any size which makes this script useless.

Why is this script available for sale if it’s not finished and you are no longer offering support due to being abandoned? I have sent you emails with no response. I am a paying customer and need an urgent response. This is the second script I’ve bought on CodeCanyon that seems to be unfinished and abandoned.

Does anyone know how to allow image uploads? And how to fix the script so it shows more than just the website name? Because the author obviously doesn’t care.