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hello i want some help with embed html script apps to this plugin.. can u tell me how to do it ? thanks

Hello Sure, can you send me a detailed email to with what exactly you are trying to embed and we’ll help you more from there :)

Hey there :) have been dying to try out yout plugin, but will it work with a multisite? I don’t want to use it for more than just the one site, but I have a multisite installation

Hello. It most certainly does work with Multisite.. In fact all our demo apps are held within a wordpress multisite. :) Fully tested and compatible with multisite.

For 1 single site activation, a single license is suffice. For a full network activation, you would need an extended license.

hey there :) I’ve just bought your fabulous plugin, but don’t quite know where I place the sdk code in my theme – I’m guessing it’s necessary because I am unable to setup the domain in the facebook app. Keeps on telling me the app doesn’t belong to the domain. I have added the facebook pixel code but that too seemed to give me some grievance :( could you help me out? i am dying to try this out :) :) thanks in advance Linda

Hi Linda, Sure we can help you of course. First we would ask that you go through our video tutorial >>

If that works please check back in and let us know so that we know its sorted. If it does not work then could you please email us on and we will help troubleshoot for you. Please include in the email the link to your app on (on wordpress url)>

Thank you and talk soon :)

This looks like a great tool. But unfortunately I’m having an issue where I have no facebook app options on the app creation pages. Have you any ideas?

Thanks for the quick reply, I’ll email you now.

All sorted. Thanks for the help. Turned out those options wouldn’t show up for me when I was logged into wordress under my usual admin account. After making a new admin WP admin user and logging in, they showed up :)

Great to hear that it was resolved. After looking at your site if I was to guess why you started having general user role issues would be that at one point you upgraded the avada theme, that particular theme’s upgrade process is extremely messy regardless of what plugins are active on it. We had to move a few clients off it recently as it’s evolved in a buggy way. Anyway that’s my prediction, glad it’s all fixed and working nice for you now. :)

Is it possible to add the woocommerce store as an app?

It is possible yes, however, to make it work it work as smooth as possible you would need to make some custom code adjustments or find a plugin that converts a wooshop to a single (or few) pages only because you can’t really just throw your whole website store into a page tab, you need to do it by creating apps via our plugin. An alternative and common option is to create the best possible sales landing page you can inside the app and make the links open in a new tab outside of Facebook. If you have further questions then please let us know :) Thanks.

Hi, thanks for the reply. I think the last option is the best choice and thanks for creating this app…huge saver

Hi. Is this plugin still update regularly?

Hello, yes it does. We use it for our own clients as well so therefore we always have to have a working version. We have a new update coming soon with a new feature or two, other than that it works perfect on the latest Wordpress release. :)

If you have any other questions then just let us know.


I have an issue with the plugin I`ve been install and start to fill the: Facebook App ID Facebook Pixel ID Facebook Event Google Analytics UA Add to Facebook Page

and when I click “update”

I don`t see again this fills again. Is it from me the problem or I don`t do something right?

Thanks in advanced

Hello, could you please send us an email on and we will help you out, in the email please include your troubleshooting steps and some screenshots to help get it working with you :)

plan on updating?

Hello :) Yes we have a new version coming up, but to be honest it’s a few preventative measures to make it even more compatible for the future. This plugin is completely supported because we need it working all the time for our own clients, any changes we make for ourselves we roll out to the envato market as well. To be honest it works perfectly on the current version, that’s why we haven’t updated it in awhile. :) If you have any other questions about the plugin please by all means ask and we’ll be happy to help.

Can I integrate this plugin with any type of website so I can get a Facebook app version similar to my website ? Thank You

Hello. You can integrate this with any type of WordPress website yes. You can also make the app/tab to look and act similar to your website, but you will have to set it up using the features of our plugin (there’s a new area that gets added to your admin dashboard). If you have any issues along the way setting it up then we’re happy to help :) We know you’ll like it !

Hi, I want to know if your plugin can work with Flatsome-UX Builder

Hello, there is no reason why it shouldn’t work with Flatsome-UX Builder. If for any reason you have problems with the 2 after installing then just get in contact with us and we will help. So far we have had a 100% compatibility rate for our customers sites. :)

Hi is it compatible with Elementor? thank you marcello

Hi, Yes it is. If for any reasons you have an issues when implementing the plugin then just get in contact with us and we will help :)


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Well, nobody said that having two jobs plus all the house work is easy, i’m finally implementing your plugin for my site and also promoting it to the some groups that i belong to by showing the results of your product, and for sure selling more of your plugin, Just want to know one thing: When you created the form did you created a template and specified the width by making three columns or another method, like css in visual composer? If this works, that i know it will, expect to see more sales. I hope this year brings you more happiness and prosperity.

haha true that re multiple jobs & housework! Glad to hear you getting the chance to use the plugin and thank you for promoting our plugin. For the forms I used the Formidable Forms plugin and then put them into a Visual Composer layout. In saying this there is no reason why you can’t do the same in a custom way if you prefer that method. Don’t forget that when you share your links to groups, use the mobile friendly links feature so that all devices can see your app. :) Any additional questions just ask and we’ll be happy to help. Thanks !

I would like to resell the plugin and use it on several sites. Is there still a discount possible? It’s too much for me.

Hi, tell us more about what you had in mind, how many sites and how you intend to use it. By the way If you are using multisite to do this then you can use an extended license. You can email us on Talk soon :)


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Is there a way to make the app height scrollable? I added a calendar for reservations and it has the exact height but when i click on a date in the bottom of the calendar it keeps going but i can’t reach the bottom, i added a button thinking that it will fix the problem but it didn’t…ummm, custom css maybe, let’s try

Can you please email us on and supply some links and extra details so we can take a look at it. Thank you.

hi, i would like to see your app demos but unfortunately i cant find them… i visited all the available link but without any luck. Where can i find them?

Hello, Sure, click this link >>

To see the best experience for Facebook Apps use a desktop/laptop view from inside facebook. Otherwise with mobile it makes it mobile compatible.

You can also learn more and see more demos at

Hello, I purchased, installed, configured the plug in facebook on my wordpress site, but when I go to click on the button “Add to Facebbok” I get an error that tells me that this application does not support my profile. Can you tell me something? thank you

Hello, it sounds like you are trying to add the app to a profile not a page. You can only add custom page tabs to Facebook Pages. Please see our detailed installation instructions here (follow what we do with the video tutorial on this page) >>

Totally confused on what this plugin is and what i can do. Spend 30 minutes or so and still not getting any where. Do you have skype id so that you can throw some light


Hi, we are on annual leave till next week. We can do a skype once I return to go over this in finer details. In the meantime you can delete the tab from your page by heading to facebook page settings > tabs and then removing the desired tab from that settings page inside your facebook page. Thank you.

Hi, we emailed you the other week, if you still need assistance then reply to our email :) Thanks

demo password login not working

Hi we just checked and this worked for us: User: createfbappsdemo Pass: createfbappdemo12345

hi guys, we use eventon plugin to show events. can we use your plugin to show all our events on facebook tab/ events. Thx guys and all the best

Hello, Yes it should work with our plugin, we haven’t found many plugins at all that haven’t been compatible. So long as you can use shortcodes and/or page templates with functions then it should work :) If you have any trouble with implementation then just let us know and we will help you get it working. Thanks !


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dc1b48fb-b424-44a9-a861-e298f45131e1 I can’t find where to write the ID and app info as the documentation listed please find the video to know what exactly i mean

Hi, Is it in your screen options ? If not then please email us some logins to check some things via :) Thank you!


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yes this is how I get when I press create new app , I will send u test user logins via email now


Catwadeal Purchased