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Hello I just purchased your extension i am facing problem after update v1.33 i can’t apply discount i can’t apply product varation/options after select product i can’t apply cart discount like as you screenshot i can’t apply order discount like as your screenshot Can we search product with the help product code instead of words?when create order

After you create the customer can you save the order and then try to add the products, discounts etc?

Where can ew obtain version 1.33? We are asked to update in WP update panel but can only download v1.32 on Envato.

Sorry – we’ll sort this out.

your plugin has not been updated for quite some time. Still working with the latest versions of Wordpress and Woocommerce? Does it work with PHP 7?

Works great with PHP7 and latest WP and WC.


nirvana5 Purchased

hi, just bought the plugin. ver 1.32

I have questions:

1. Why the “Create New Customer” button is there when editing an existing order? I can see button is there if I try to add new order. But on existing order, this creates some confusion.

2. First time I create new customer and enter only Billing info. So I went to User’s panel and enter the Shipping Info for the same customer just created. Went back to the order created, the Shipping info is NOT there!!!

Please give advice. THANK YOU


Are you still experiencing this issue?

We don’t seem to get this problem.

I’ll check with the dev if he can remove the create new button on an existing order.


this string is not translatable:

Can you fix it in the next update?


I’ve passed this on to the developer.



MutterCO Purchased

Hi, can you share the code necessary to add an additional field for phone number? Or does your plugin support ACF?

I have seen some code commented out in create-user-order.php for the phone number …

Hi. Sorry. We don’t have a way to edit phone number or ACF fields on this screen. Once the user is created and the order done you can jump through to their user screen and add their phone number? We’re trying to keep things as simple as possible. Thanks

Hello friend,

Orders made by the plugin do not allow payment for the “Pay order” link, it only shows an error message: This order cannot be paid for. Please contact us if you need assistance.


Hi There. This isn’t something we see. The order, if set to Pending Payment, should be able to be paid for by the payment link by the customer just fine. Could there be something else that is the issue?

Hi, I bought your plugin but is missing a key feature and is entering payment information. I had read other comments and you already said that this is not the plugin for that. How can I request a refund? Thanks

Hi There. Sorry about that. Please request a refund through CodeCanyon.


Just bought the plugin and it’s working great, thank you for developing it.

But we feel that by adding a couple of features it would make be unbeatable and hard to copy by the competitors.

Actually we thought it would be more automatic, when you press the button to create a new user, you have to manually fill the fields First Name, Second Name, Email.

- Could you please include an option that we could activate/deactivate from settings to directly grab this information? So it’s just clic and create.

- Also, could you include a feature for Bulk User creation from the Orders page?

As an option to make it better (if possible), would be to have the choice to select which fields we want to grab from the Order, also custom fields.

Kind regards and waiting for your reply.

Hi There. Thanks for the suggestions. We’ll pass them onto the dev team.