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Hi, I am interested to buy but is it possible to make the menu open on mouse over instead of click?


ok too bad then I will pass then… Pls let me know if you add this feature in the future.

Already done,see live preview

can you make this responsive?

I will try

Nice add a yes to responsive

Also looked in iPad cannot see a way to close tab once opened?


left and right sides do not close?

Correct not in iPad you need to refresh the page to close them once opened

Left and right sides are not closed, because for them activated the option to mouse events
Left & Right tabs – mouseenter and mouseleave
Top & Bottom tabs – click or touch

Looks nice man, Good job!


Thanks man :)

Any idea why I constantly see icons like this:

in all the recent codecanyon live samples? It’s the lastest version of firefox, but it looks fine in chrome.

Some addon is somehow blocking the way all the devs are now using to use icons in their scripts.

I’m assuming other peoples FireFox make the icons look just fine.

Any ideas?

Hi again Zalki-Lab,

more questions for you, is it possible to get the menu in a relative or absolute position, because what i’d like is to put it at the bottom of my sidebar, also i’d like to know if you try to get the content by ajax and finally is it possible now to get different height for tabs and more important can i expand the height of the tabs with others script like accordion menu, ect.



I understand, you can’t

thank’s, no more questions.

You are welcome


1) I want one of the menu images to work as a button. How can I identify it so that I can hook the click event?

2)IE9.Win7 – using “hover”, if I put controls (e.g., a drop down box) in the content, it displays properly, but if I touch it with the mouse, the content closes. Can this be fixed?

3) Alternately, if I use “click” to open the content, I have to click the image again to close the menu. But, it does let me put and use controls in the content panel. In my app, one of the controls in the panel will be an OK button. How do I get the content panel to close when I click my OK button?

4) I don’t want to include the font-awsome stuff in my deployment. How can I use my own images for the ”^” and “v” in the bottom of the content panel for multiple page content?

Otherwise – so far so good. Works with my aspx pages.

1,3,4: You need to have knowledge of html / css and jQuery
2: Sorry, I do not understand what you mean

1,3,4 – I’ve been using these technologies for a number of years. Your documentation is “minimal” (to be polite). My client is paying me to use your (very nice) UI in an app we have built not reverse engineer your code.

If you have any documentation (theory of ops, api, conventions for css class naming and usage), it would be helpful as it would let your customers extend the basic functionality you provide.

As to (2), if you send me an email address, I’ll put together a sample of the problem and send it to you.

Please send me a message through my profile

Hi, we have this error: “The package could not be installed no valid plugins were found..”. The files appear to be corrupted. Please help us

Hello, this is not wordpress plugin


I`m almost sure, that i can add some text next to the icons.

Is it possible?

Thank you!

Hello, sorry for delay. It’s impossible. You can use only icon of font awesome

Hi Zalki Lab How can I set an individual height for each Content ul? Thank You

Hello, I purchased this Tab Program, but have been unable to add HTML content to the tabs. I am planning to include ‘Facebook LIKE button, contact forms, etc.

Can you help me to do this? .. it has not worked for several different HTML modules.


Looks great! but before I buy… I need it to work like it appears on the image on the item details page. Tabs in the middle, tab boxes below and the width of my container. Most important I want the top half of the tabs to be over my carousel and the bottom to be the tab boxes.

This is a link showing my image of what the finished product. I need it to look and function like the image, the colored boxes, up top over the carousel. (colors I can change)

Hope It can do this… Thanks