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Strange working bird on click, I might buy it, but needs to be fixed

http://codepen.io/Maseone/pen/gtqLI – is this yours? Submited on 24 Feb

Yes it is.

We work closely with a Russian developer to provide this plugin. This is their instance running on CodePen.

Is there something I can help you with?

It’s also useful to note that rights to this plugin are sold exclusively on code canyon.

Bug: You can fly above and while it doesn’t count your score while you play, when it ends, it does show a score of more than 0.

Thanks for your bug report. I will process this as an urgent update and get back to you. Many thanks!

When you click the bird the jumping is choppy, if you know what i mean, instead of having it move up 10 pixels at once, you should have it move up 1 pixel 10 times but have a delay in between each motion.

Hi Jordan many thanks for your feedback. I will note down this amendment and try to resolve in our next update. Many thanks, mark


LOL, luv it! Requesting sound and social share like twitter & facebook? Also not responsive..

Why theres a button link to TPBK troevkube.ru/ ?

Thanks Pinki. This is a credit to our developer, which can be removed upon purchase.

sound, sharing, top board, ranking… score sharing, would be super cool features, plus if could change this bird to other customize characters. Should buy very soon if some of the features available. Superb remake!!!

Many thanks for your comments! Enjoy

I bought this one and open example file ….... how to remove TPBK and it’s not working via mobile devices

questions, will there be up coming update features some of the stuff we requested?

How do I install it on Wordpress?

Is there a spot I can put adsense code? If so where would it appear? Thank you.

NO answer means no update! Sweet!

Actually Pinki I have been out of the country and unable to respond.

Your update requests have been taken into consideration along with others and some of these will be made available in the future.

Many thanks

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The files say that it comes with php files for the lead bored but it does not !!

I need the php files for the lead bored like on http://troevkube.ru/flappy/

I thought that was included because the products states it includes php files

Please i need a response >.

Responded via email.

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