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Hey there :)

I’ve just bought the iOS app solution, because my members were asking for an app (I also bought the Android version), but according to the documentary I’m just able to modify the iOS version, if I’m using xCode for an OS X operating system. Unfortunately I don’t have that :( About 50% of my members are using an iPhone or iPad, so it’s quite useful to offer this possibility too. But what can I do, if I don’t use an OS X operating system? And neither have the possibility to use xCode? Are there any other opportunities I can work that out?

Thanks in advance :)

i’m very sorry this is Xcode 7+ for OS X operating system. Thank you

Hi, Can we edit or limit or disable a few feature in the app(if i edit the script too)? Thanks

you can edit from your PHP Scripts. thanks!

Does the full Xcode & swift code come with the purchase ?

Hi, this IOS webview of crea*social allow to upload image and video, it also allow video/audio chat plugin ?

Yes Dear allow to upload image and video, not any plugin

Hello, When I rebuilding this IOS webview it giving me error and also I would like to remove admob

helo, can I use it for my responsive website? (not for social website). Can it shoot photo by default camera app and upload that picture? thank you

Yes Dear can I use any website and allow to upload image and vide. Thank you

I will buy if you do setup for me.

I want buy. Can you do setup for me ?

What about the push notifications? Will this show?