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non si compila il file apk pieno di errori se tu puoi fare per me file apk ?

could you please write in english

do not compile the apk file full of errors if you can do for me apk file?

please contact me via email

not good file full of errors repay

please contact me via email

thieves worried only to refund understood!

There is no notifications for recent updates from users , Push notifications by Parse is not useful

ladro non comprate e un ladro non vi rimborsa

could you write comment in english language please!

do not buy and a thief will not reimburse

one hundred and sixty eight Developer are satisfied!

I really do not know what to do now, i bought this app longtime ago and still now it is not working, when i send the complain im told to email and if i email i do not get the answer, i really do not know where to go.

please contact me via email

What is your email address

Hi, I would like to remove the integrated Admob. Could you tell me how to do that?

please contact me via email

I sent to you my request by email

Hi I have the crea8social website version 6.4. Is it compatible with this app?

I might need some customization. Can we talk private?

I sent an email and you never come back, here is another complain. I built the app successful but the problem is when i install it to any device it shutdown every time i login. What is the problem… i tried to send you the email but you never replied.

This app is for this script: http://crea8social.com/ ?

Yes Dear, It will be support any website. [Webview] Thank you

Useless Support. You don’t respond to emails

Can you make it for phpSocial with push on notifications?

Shit support. Wont buying it.

for 2 days now i’m trying to build .apk. I don’t get any errors to eclipse during import. But when i try to export apk, i get this stupid error: Dex Loader] Failed to load C:\Program Files (x86)\Android\android-sdk\build-tools\26.0.1\lib\dx.jar

Your documentation is very poor! What version of eclipse, sdk-tools and how we have to configure eclipse to run your files?

I have tried and Android Studio and when i tried to build apk i got the same error!

Please reply as soon as possible!

contact me via email rusahang@gmail.com

Ok thank you :)

please check your email thanks

Hello, I can not create my apk. Is it possible to help me?

Hello ??