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Interesting, good work!

thank you

Does this come with Construct 2 source files? Description is a little vague.

yes have included c2 source files

hi, i have tested it on my galaxy s2 but the touchcontrol is not working properly. btw how many levels are included?

web version not have the touch control.12 levels

Hi I have a question. Can it be used on androids? and can it be uploaded to facebook game center?

I have not test on androids.sorry about it.

i tried to play the game in iphone and ipad but it doesnt work correctly. while playing on this device i can not send car the place i want.

sorry.too busy now.i will add sound and upload tomorrow

i tried to play the game in iphone and ipad but it doesnt work correctly. while playing on this device i can not send car the place i want.

please updated,i tested in ipad, use ludei,is work fine.

hi, I’m new to this, so, my doubts are, by buying this I’ll have a license to re-skin, redesign levels, remove and add some screes?, and I’m targeting to mobile and desktop browsers for my website is this compatible?

Thank you very much

hi,you can redesign levels,and re-skin the game,about targeting to destop browsers is no problem,about mobile because the platform is too much, so need to optimize each platform.like screen size, and Touch control.the game included touch version and can auto resize,but maybe not every platform are very friendly

i bought a license. Is there a way i can add sound easily ?

I haven’t downloaded construct yet; Is your cap file compatible with the last version ? is it compatible with free version ?

if you add sound on new version, it would be nice to have at least short sounds at explosion, jump phase, counter (3,2,1) animation when car is parked, and when level ceared panel is displayed… :-) And why not a little looped music on arrival and garage screen

:-) ok! i will add

Can is ok for android and IOS?

can run on android and ios, but need some optimization

can run on android and ios, but need some optimization

Hi, I found your game very good. There are couple othings missing. 1. Sounds 2. Levels are not locked! 3. More Levels 4. Effects 5. Sharing buttons( facebook or Twitter)

thank you,version 1.2 upload waiting for review,add sound fx.and fix some bug

Hi I have the same issue with HakanBulgurlu. The difference is I already use ludei to make it native app. But still getting the same issue “When I drag the char into right it goes left instead of right”.

I think the prob is on the touch drag on phone or in behavior use?. You said its work fine already.If its not on the engine maybe its on the setup. Can I ask your setup on ludei and C2 it self.

I guess its affect on this fields In Ludei Run Using, Compiler Version, Android (Min Version, Max Version)

In C2 Physics Engine Field

if its not among those fields pls let me now.. what field and option to use

thank you....

hi i upload latest version1.2 in http://4.crazyparking.sinaapp.com/ please use ludei launch to view.url mode ,is work fine,the ludei native app setup i just use default min 2.3,max 4.4 .Scale Method =fit

Hi, Just checked your new version 1.2 but now the green arrow is not moving smoothly as before. Please lock the Levels. Please add more levels. Also the Shre buttons facebook and twitter isn’t working.

hi, the 1.2 is touch version,use to mobi.

hi, how to add new level?

add level can use construct2 free version to add,can download in www.scirra.com

Interesting game :) Well done .

thank !!

what sort of optimization would we need to run on ios? Thanks

image size.

hi, how many levels can i add to this game using construct2 ? and btw very good game keep it up!

Is it allowed to sell your game on eBay, after his person bought it here?

Like this person:http://www.ebay.de/itm/Crazy-Parking-Android-App-iOS-App-HTML5-Version-Einnahmen-Webprojekt-/121419533462?pt=Gesch%C3%A4ftsverk%C3%A4ufe&hash=item1c452b0c96

no,i has warned him,is not legal

Ok, because he sold it for 939€ (about $1000). And wrote in his description, that the buyer gets all rights for this game.

“Sie erwerben alle Rechte inklusive Source Code!” = “You get all rights inclusive the source code”.

We found some errors:

S3 + S3mini: - Game won’t be adjusted to the displays resolution/screen size. - Minor performance problems.

iPhone 4 + iPad 2: - Game won’t be adjusted to the displays resolution/screen size.

Tab 3: - Game won’t be adjusted to the displays resolution/screen size. - Great performance though. (Nearly too good) :)

thank you,the screen size is 1024*768.

Hi, tested on Iphone, play button does not work, but loads up, desktop loads and plays fine, very interested in this game but only for mobile use, is there a way to fix the touch event so I can test this out for mobile? Also I noticed that the height is not responsive, width works fine, but not height.

hi the zip file have a mobile version.

Hi…in the package there is 1.2 and html5 version. Im confused since it plays fine in desktop but in ipad or iphone,i cant pull the car to the front. It does not work. SHould i miss something. THe doc file does not explain too much.

Even the touch folder… if i try to use it, it does not work properly in ipad. What modifications i need to do in the code so it works nice?

you need inter xdk export with crosswalk