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It takes a little time to load, but looking perfect! Especially, I’m in love with colors! Great art work and very fun game, GLWS!!! :)

thank you!

Can this template run on android phones? Also I have been trying to load the game but no luck so can’t test.

Yes,Of course,i want to upload to google play,but Blocked by China net….i can not upload game to the google play now…...

I have error “The project you are opening uses addons that are not installed :” Behavior ‘CD Mask’ by Rex.Rainbow

I can not see behavior cd mask file in this file.\C2\exporters\html5\behaviors

hi i can send to you.or you can download in there:

This is game is slow when I build apk by android crosswalk (intel xdk).

hi you can Reduce the kinds of fish,jusr delete it.

Build using Crosswalk? Can add admob interstitial?

May I know what is the + and – button for? Is it possible to add leaderboard inside?

+and- is the bullet type,yes.But you need the server,you also can add Google Leaderboard and ios Leaderboard is simple

when I open the .capx file, it shows: The project you are opening uses addons that are no installed. Behavior ‘cd mask’ by Rex.Rainbow

I tried to google ‘cd mask’ but failed, could you please post a link to download the plugin? thank very much

BTW, the download link of “Cool down mask” on the page is broken.

hi ,gave me you email,i can send to you

Why the background become white when I preview the file in C2? The background images is in the workspace but didn’t show up in preview. This happen when I first open the c2 file given, haven’t make any adjustment.

hi please send the screenshots to my,i will check it,in my preview is normal

What is updated in the 26the Feb version?

remove cd mask

i was trying to load/save current coin from/to server, and used the Broswer object, but it not working, any help?

hi,you can try the broswer object,or php,broswer use the javescript.and I don’t know about server code.sorry about it.


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Hello,I tried to run your game on the iPhone, but after the game is loaded, I clicked the Start game but couldn’t take a step. This is the case when I replaced a few devices. Is this a bug?


hashiky Purchased

To be precise, I can’t continue playing after I click to start the game, at least on the iPhone.Can you help me solve it? This is very important.