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in atlases folder there are only 2 png files, compare that to the screenshot of the PDF documentation page 2 …. could you check? thanks

Hello, thanks for your fast reply. On the screenshot of the PDF documentation page 2, I am seeing multiple images in atlases folder. When I open the atlases folder, there are only two png files. It would be good to upload the separate image files if you already have them. It will save a lot of time and make it easier to reskin for other buyers.

I have already started editing the images, I will contact you if I needed help.

It would be nice and helpful to add the separate files and update the source code. Really, its a lot of work. Also everyone who buys the source code will keep asking you again and again.

sure , we will update this file as soon as possible .

Hi, The game looks great.

Few questions, 1. This is an endless play? Or levels 2. In Xcode, there is a storyboard? For easy reskin?

Best, Noam

hello , this is endless game sir

for reskin it , you should use plist file editor to edit image , or use image editor as common way to reskin game sir , ;)

Are we getting the buildbox file or just the ios output?

hello sorry for late reply , this file is only ios output Xcode 7 and 8 project only . if you want buildbox version you can get here .

where can I add more time or stop the count down timer from ending the game? The game is too fast for a child and the timer needs to be removed or more time added. Thanks for any assistance.

hello thanks for purchasing

you need go to : PTModelObjectAssetUnit.0.attributes.xml

search value “-5.0000” there are 60 value need to be changed

you can make it smaller to get more time . you can use Find and Replace features on Android Studio / Sublime / Notepad++



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I bought this template and trying to build and run to see how it works but i’m getting an error message i tried everything including forums to fix this. Cleaned my derived data try to run it but still i can’t build and run so can you please help me with this.

The error i’m getting is: Command /usr/bin/codesign failed with exit code 1

I changed everything as per the documentation and i have a provisioning profile as well but still i get this error message so can you please help me out. Thanks


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Xcode 9.4


zmr Purchased

Can you send me an updated version of this app because I checked other apps on my system it works fine without any problem only this template I can’t run so if you can send me an updated version that will be great.

hello im really sorry , i still celebrate Eid Al-Fitr and visiting my family … can you please email me and i will send you new code please ….. thanks

Command CodeSign failed with a nonzero exit code Can you help me how to solve the issue?