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Simple but addictive. Love it. :)

thanks and timer can still be lowered if you really want a real challenge.. :)

It is an interesting game! Just bought it. How can I replace the question and answer?

Thanks for response. Can you please add a readme or guide document to explain how to set questions and answer?

Thanks for response. Can you please add a readme or guide document to explain how to set questions and answer?

go to my profile and send me an email if you want to customize it.


I wanted to let you know that I like the game. One thing that I notice is that correct answers come out only in first two options. They never show up on third option. I tried it a few times and it shows only on first two.

Its a random thing. But you can change all code from floor(random(1,3)) to choose(1, 2, 3) if you want to.

Thanks :)

Are you planning any update?

do you have any suggestions? or maybe a new game idea? feel free to send me an email :)

I purchased your game ( I think it looks great), but I don’t have Construct2, nor can I get it because I use a mac. Could I ask you to please send me an HTML5 version of it to me at tinygradstemp@gmail.com? If you can send me the HTML5 versions that would be great!

I will be happy to send you the purchase codes to all these via email.

I really look forward to receiving the files from you ASAP.

Thanks! Peter TinyGrads

Hi! Thank you for purchasing this game, the exported html5 version is on the Output.zip which is included on the crazy math.zip the you received.

Hi jhai,

I really love your game and already bought it ! I customised it for french people.

I get the same problem than aldana264, never get the 3rd answer correct. I didn’t find how to change that, can you explain me ?

Do you want I send you the URL of my customised version when it’ll be finish ?

btw, if you like it, don’t forget to leave a good feedback/review.


Thanks ! I put a link to this page on the credit slide ;)

credit is not required, but thank you :D

Wil it work with wordpress? Will it work on ipad?

Well it should, please try the live preview.


Hi, can you make Share button, for user can share score to friend, it’s really good for social

Hi! I already thought about that before i uploaded it here. Having a social share feature would require me to use additional plugins or API which might be a problem to new construct 2 users.


I ran into a small issue, I want to add share buttons on top of the page, but is pushing the game down and it gets cut off, is there a way to fix this? it becomes really hard to play on the phone…


you have purchase it so you can directly modify the construct2 project and add your share button inside and not on the html output itself.

Sorry I dont have Construct2, Im on mac… actually I would like to put a menu bar on top of it and the share buttons, can we have the game expand to the rest of the page instead?

sorry for a late response as i am a bit busy.

One of the requirements of this game is construct2 so you can modify it according to your needs.

I dont have a mac but maybe i can help you on it?..

yes, i can do that.

Pls make it. I will buy license for it.

Do you include documentation on how to add and change cards in C2? If so, I’ll purchase today.