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can you possibly add a video preview? +1 Thanks in advance

I am interested but would like to see a video please.

Just bought, Can you make jump more smoother like a flappy bird?

ALready like Flappy bird.

I am not asking Flappy clone…. I am just saying jump should be more smoother.


I thing one step jump is good idea for jump man. like Flappy more smoother for one step not good when player Game

great work you need make jump more smoother like flappy bird and psd file not include ??

ALready like Flappy bird.

Sorry, not psd to include

hi man

can add me on skype : Yousef.mcc

Altleast you could give us any idea how we could change jump behavior. Help me to make it more smoother.

Hi How many images to change?

Hi how to change the art, name and behaviours? I want to use my own art is it posible?

i got it thanks so much i wait for approval, when approved i will buy more. Do you have some similar game with shooting or collecting function involved?

Hey, I have a business if you are interested, I have this project of a game its Android and iOS but it requires admob code. If you can add the AdMob code and send me the xcode project and Android as well, You can have permision to publish this game as your own and resell it. Just change the art and the name. This is the game,


modify it and send me the projects ready to publish with AdMob(after I change the graphics).

Contact via email

it’s work in iphone6?