Discussion on Crazy Freekick - HTML5 Sport Game

Discussion on Crazy Freekick - HTML5 Sport Game

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Hi codethisla, the game is super funny and we really like it; just 1 prepurchase question, Is it possible to increase the resolution of the assets, canvas etc to make it full HD (1920*1080)?

hello, to modify the resolution you have to change both the code and graphics

Good luck with your sales

Amazing works,good luck with sales.

thank you!!!

I want to buy this game and do the record score of the people who play this game. Do you lock code in this game?

hi, what do you mean by “do you lock”? If you want to know whether the code is minified or not, you’ll find both the version in clear and the one minified. If you want to add a LeaderBoard, you might be interested in our WordPress Plugin CTL Arcade

Hello, is it possible to embed the game on a facebook tab ?

Hi, if in the Facebook Tab you can add the link to a web page hosted in your server, you can also embed the game.

Hello, I am interested in buy several of your games for a project that will be on a wordpress website. Does this install like a normal plugin or do I require your arcade plugin too?

our plugin allows you to install the game easily and eventually add more features, like leader-board, rating system, social sharing buttons and advertising but it is not mandatory.

Hi, can we use it without changing graphics? if not, can you give the link for graphic assets? Thanks.

Hi, you can also leave the original graphic assets. What’s your purpose with the game?

Hey there, nice game.

One question though. We would like to change the design of the game, but instead of changing PNG located under the sprites/ folder, we would like to directly modify .fla file ,and generate the sprite sheets. The problem is when we try to create the sprite sheet from player_italy.fla the file generate a sprite sheet with all the frames and nematic instead of having a italy_shot.png.

Could you tell us how to achieve that?

Thank you in advance for your support.

Hi! thank you very much for purchasing our game! Unfortunately there isn’t an automatic way to generate the sprite sheets because they have been created by our graphic designer manually from each single frame. Regards -Ida

I see. Thank you for your quick answer.

Is it possible to include a leaderboard?

Hi! this game is compatible with our WordPress Plugin CTL Arcade that allows you to add a leaderboard, monetize with advertising, add social sharing buttons…

Hi, the game is awesome and i’l be buying asap, but just wondered if you’ve been able to export the game to an APK to allow upload to Google Play Store? Thanks

well lets us try one may say :) thanks

got it… looks good my friend

are you have same for hockey? Can you make it?

Thanks, but I want classic hockey game. Can you make it like this football game? penalty

we’ll take into account your suggestion for future game releases ;)

Can I ask you customise game?How much cost your rate?

for game’s customization please send an email with a detailed list of your requirements at

Latest build doesn’t work in an iframe, please send an update.

Hi! We are already working to fix the issue. A new version of the game will be soon available! We are sorry for the inconvenience

I wil buy this if you have a social share button

this game has some flaw, even when you hit in, it’s game over. Keep playing and hou will see.

Hi! this game will be soon compatible with our CTL Arcade a plugin that allows you to add games in a wordpress website, with social share buttons, leaderboard, and Ads Banner

As for the flaws, could you please tell me when have you met the issue? in which level?

Hello! One question, I can change the players? with illustrator ? Thank you!

Hi! You can easily change all the game graphic, replacing all the file you need in the ”/sprites” folder. Just respect file format (.png or .jpg) and size if you don’t want to change any code line. :)

hi. great game! is it possible to implement a facebookshare button?

Hi! Thank you for the appreciation! Please send an email at

Cool game my friend! : -)

Thank you!!!! XD


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