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Nice game, but how to add my admob id? Do i need to compile it again? construct 2 is a premium software, in free version does it allow to compile?

How to upload to google play or anywhere else?


My skype is jokercry.vn

but i have seen everything is premium, there is no option to place admob in construct to, cocoonjs requires premium account?

you have not answered, i can’t use skype, tell me how to edit for my admob? WITHOUT CONSTRUCT2.

Not sure what happened but the demo kept opening windows to login from facebook… like 100 of them before I had to force Chrome to shut down.

THanks for report. This bug has fixed in product.

I thought it’s a android project,and I planned to use eclipse. I don’t want to purchase the “Construct 2” tools, did you have another way to generate apk?

Thanks for purchased. We’ll help you generate. Just send file for us.

How to contact with you? my email is :touchao123@126.com, pls send me a mail if possible,thanks advance!

I juste purchased your app , i can’t find way to add admob , first i was willing to use it with eclipse then i found a solution for that . Again i need to buy some preimium account to add admob !!! what the solution for this ?

OMG! what’s this code, you need to buy a software to edit it. and it must be in HTML5 section, why you add it here? I dint find any option to add admob! also to have the Apk files from this code is very very difficult!

Hello. How many game level?

Nice work, good luck!