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Unable to play gameplay video. Please check..

Could you please create and upload it so that we get better understanding of your game? Thanks!

yeah sure . i’ll let you know when the video is ready

Nice game! Good luck with the sales!

There is a problem in the application does not show ads And also can not be added Interstitial code

yes i know . and i fixed all the bugs and errors . http://prntscr.com/cih16h . update will be available within 24h or less

Hi, I like your work, however to comply with apple app store and before I purchase your game I need to know if you have a “Restore Purchase” button on the app?

Thanks in advance,

yes . there’s a restore purchase button

what is the develope language or tools?

Do you have sound files with the project? There is no sound on the demo.

yes . all the sounds are included

Dear Sir,there is no source code for Xcode,could u pls offer complete source for the game?

Hey man, bought your app, looks great, where do I put my admob keys? I found the interstitial and banner key locations, but the actual App ID admob key location? regards,phil

Can we sort this please?

Performance – 2.1 We discovered one or more bugs in your app when reviewed on iPhone running iOS 10.1.1. Specifically, the “Coins Amount” tally does not update after the coins package has been purchased.

Hi, I have two questions - can you please explain your iap? - is it support for iOS10? Thanks

hi if i purchase can you reskin and place admob unit etc…and give me finised android apk i know its not free… also i suggest the graohics should be bigger( zoomed in more,its too zoomed out and charater looks tiny)

please let me know fair cost. wole_inneh@yahoo.com

please let me know fair cost. wole_inneh@yahoo.com

please let me know fair cost. wole_inneh@yahoo.com

hey every body,this game is not like its described, i run this app in my phone and check it, have no sound and also some buttons not working like setting and facebook button, this game is not in android design it use illustrator design and your game all images include in one image. SO dont buy it because the author is a stoler and he will never respond you.