Discussion on Craps - HTML5 Casino Game

Discussion on Craps - HTML5 Casino Game

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Hello I tried to change language regarding to your document but its not change. How can fix it?

How many players can this be used for at one time? Can web3 be implemented for betting purposes?

hello, the game is single player. We have never tested our games with web3, so we can’t ensure it can be implemented. Please note that our games are conceived to be used for fun

Can the user / credits be stored in a mysql datbase?

hello, if you modify the game it’s possible

Good luck with your sales

can i add admob ads on this game

Hello, the easiest way to add advertising in our games is using our plugin CTL Arcade Otherwise, if you are not interested in CTL Arcade, you can use the events in the index.html file to add these features to your website. They can’t be added directly to the game.

GameBalance return NaN after 2 roll without any reason why? happe when win a roll

Hello, we tested the game and we haven’t found any issue. Can you please send us a video of the issue to support[at]codethislab[dot]com?

Hello, this is great and I am super interested to purchase, if the game can support betting ‘odds’ – for example, betting odds on a bet on the pass, dont pass lines, and odds on the numbers after a come/dont come bet.

Please let me know if/when this feature may be available? Im super keen. thanks very much.

Hi, can you please send us more details at

i did not see option to back your bet behind the pass line after the point is set… like real craps. do you plan to add that ???

hi, can you please send us a documentation about this option?

ok, we take a look and we’ll be back to you

hi your last update have problem for play game on the apple device (safari) browser game full loading but play button don’t work

hi! yes, you are right. We have already submitted a new version on codecanyon. You’ll get a notification when it will be available for the download.

Yes thanks i already Checked Get notified by email if this item is updated new update is available which file *.js should I replace? “CMain.js” ?

Hi, you should replace the CMain.js

hi, this game have problem, after one time play disable clear bet button for next bet

Hi, actually we checked the game and we haven’t found any issue regarding the clear bet button. Could you please give us more details and also a screenshot or video of the bug? Please write us at after one hand play this button has disabled

Hi, you are right! We have fixed the issue and updated a new version, it will be online in a couple of days.

Do you have a platform (back and front) where I can integrate all the casino games you have available?

Hi, currently we haven’t developed such a platform yet. But we have already planned to build it in the next months…stay tuned ;)

Hi, this is great game collection, but i do hope the dev team can sort out a few things

1) the game hang occasionally (unresponsive script), when user spam the clicks during the time when the game is not ready to be rolled.

2) the ‘current bets’ box seems still show betting amount after winning hands, and there are no chips placed (or remaining chip left over) on the table and roll button is disabled too.

3) lack of help section

Im really interested in buying this game, but it seems is unstable for production yet.

Hi! Can you empty the cache, check this new version and give us a feedback about #1 and #2 issue? As for the #3 point we can add a help section but this is a customization, for further info, write at

fantastic work, very well done ! ;)

thank you! :D


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