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Is there anyone that has the knowledge to integrate “FatFreeCart” into this? It would be a definite plus!!!

I’m not familiar with that. It will be awhile, but I will check into it.

I appreciate you checking into it. Thank you

Not sure why it look like this please help.

Images are also not showing on craigslist post.

Looks like CL went through with banning external images … When I go to make a new posting it says “Externally-hosted images (IMG tag) are no longer allowed in for-sale ads. Please use CL image upload.”

Unfortunately, this script will no longer be fully functional on Craigslist – however, it will work on hundreds of other for sale sites!! I will update the description to state such.

Does anyone know what other websites I can post to? Maybe even any open source shopping carts that will take the HTML postings. I have a lot of items to post and I would like to use it because it is so simple to use.

It would be nice if you posted the sites that it will work with, because I don’t have that much knowledge of the web, but I haven’t been able to locate one other than Ebay, not saying they don’t exist. I will add this, that it would be great if you created an e-commerce program it will work with. All that needs to edit the listing page to a template with category listings, and of course a shopping cart. I am pretty sure you would sell thousands of them. It appears you have sold 156 at present, I am sure you would sell at least 10 times that many if you did. It is possible that you may have the best e-commerce skeleton, that has ever been created. The following is just an example of what you could do with the listings page

I may have some work for you to do if you would be interested. Please contact me. It has to do with a modification with the CLT that will work for another use. Not too much of a modification or addition.

I just bought this but there are no instructions on how to install or use this product? Please help!

hello would it work for any kind of products

Yes – but CraigsList no longer supports external images.

Please let me know few other sites (5 if you could ) where I can use this software. I am interested to buy it.

Great software.. One question… Can i add users to this or this is just ONE user based software? meaning… can i give access to others with their own logins?

It is a single user script. There is only one set of credentials.

Has this been updated since 2011?

Last update was March 5th 2012. It is solid and stable. Unless there is a bug found, I do not plan on making an update as it is fully featured and bug free. It no longer works on CraigsList, but that is a limitation of Craigslist, not this script.

It supports mercadolibre (.com), brother of ebay.

I hate to ask here, but i sent in a support request about 2 weeks ago and still have not heard anything back. Im guessing this has not and will not be updated to work with the new craigslist standards of limited html and such? So… therefore it’s unfortunately not really worth it in its’ current state? ....and i basically wasted 22 bucks =(

First statement of the item description says it will not work with craigslist. That statement has been there since September of 2013.

Does this thing still work? Curious but do not want to fork over the money for a broken, unsupported product.

Yes it works – just not on CraigsList any more. Hopefully you won’t need support as the script has been solid and stable for over a year. But if you happen to find a bug, please let me know.

Thank you for your response, the wording, main image and product title are very misleading, as this is not a Craigslist Listing tool any more, but yes I did notice that you put a warning underneath all of that now.

Nope… still no support response. And no it does not comply with the current craigslist standards. Craigslist no longer supports full html in 90% of its listings, so if you intend to sell anything… it won’t work

The very first sentence of this items description says that it no longer works with Craigslist. That statement has been there since September of 2013!!

Don’t waste your money. I tried to email the guy who made this script and would even answer a simple questions. It doesn’t have any automation as far as posting. There are many more software programs that are much better and you don’t have to create a database on your server. Why is this outdated stuff still on this site…and has absolutely NO Support. just stealing peoples money.

5 thumbs down on this worst money I ever wasted.

It’s against Craigslist TOS for fully automated posting tools. This is not outdated. At the very top of the item description it says (had has said this for over a year) that it will not work on Craigslist anymore. However, it works on many other platforms.

your preview don’t work

for real estates demo

Hey Codefusion, even though CL wont let you load external images, the first half of the process will work right? like I can still get CL to have all the fields pre-filled out just before the next step when you add images right?

are this CraigsList Listing Tool , still work and update ?

This looks to be ebay and not craigslist.