Craft - CRM & Project Management

Craft - CRM & Project Management


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Customer relations & project management application

Craft is an advanced CRM and project management application based on Symfony 4. Main purpose of this application is to simplify business processes for companies. By using Craft you will get your company headquarters available in few clicks.

Supported CRM & Projects Tools

  • Contacts – Collect your business partners information.
  • Touchpoints – Create new meetings for your colleagues.
  • Quotations – Before starting a project send an estimate to client.
  • Projects – Create projects which you are working on.
  • Tasks – Assign tasks to colleagues.
  • Invoices – Easily create invoices for your clients & customers.
  • Expenses – Track all organization expenses.
  • Documentations – Write knowledge base & documentations.
  • Timesheets – Track logged in hours.
  • Media Library – Overview of all uploaded files.


  • SasS – Software as a service support so it is possible to monetize your product.
  • Plans – Offer plans for customers on monthly or yearly basis for different prices.
  • Subscriptions – Each user can subscribe to one plan.
  • Organizations – Create multiple organizations to manage different companies.
  • Permissions – Create roles for users and set the permissions.
  • Invitations – Invite new colleagues into organization.
  • Notifications – Get notifications about important events ocurring in system.
  • Project scopes – Switch to project and see only project related entities.
  • E-mail templates – Define your organization wide templates for e-mails.
  • Kanban – Manage tasks by using the kanban approach.
  • Admin area – Global admin area to manage users, plans, subscriptions etc.
  • Docker – Get the project running in few minutes with Docker.

SaaS and monetization

CRM comes with the built-in support for SaaS so it is possible to sell subscriptions to customers. Then customers are going to be charged on weekly, monthly or yearly basis depending on the plan which was selected by customer. A the moment the Strip and offline (manual in admin) payments are supported.

Easy translations

All strings are properly wrapped in translation functions so you have to edit only one YAML file in your favorite text editor. Application is not using PO files for translations.


  • Use most recent version of PHP. We recommend to use PHP 7.2.
  • Don’t forget to check documentation before purchasing this product.
  • Customizations like adding new fields, filters, installation are not part of support.
  • In plans it is not possible to set which features exactly will be enabled.

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