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for Feature Availability

This has been a fantastic addition to my website. It helps me stay organized and keep my clients updated on the progress of their projects, all in one convenient place. I also love that invoices can be associated with specific projects so I always know where each project stands as far as outstanding balances.

for Design Quality

I truly love this Plugin. From the moment I installed it, there was no doubt that a lot of thought and effort went into its development. I would have given it 5 stars if the login/registration process followed WordPress standards. The plugin uses the client's email address as the WordPress username. This causes integration issues with other plugins.

for Flexibility

I’ve been using Projectopia for around 3+ years, it was called “CQPIM” back when I purchased it. I like everything about the plugin especially its flexibility, you won’t get better value for money.

Thumbs UP from me..

for Bugs

We are using Projectopia on a major project, which turned out to be a major mistake. For example; a Milestone was created and the deadline had changed. But the program did not allow to change the dates, nor even delete the Milestone. In other words; the whole project with dozens of Tasks and Milestones becomes useless.
We’ve tried to see if there is a conflict with other Plug-Ins by deactivating all of them – with no results.
We also tried their customer service, which in all honesty was useless.
I have rarely given bad reviews because I always respect people’s effort in creating a product. The reason why I decided to do so is that Projectopedia has caused serious issues and hours of work, as we are now literally forced to switch to another system, which will take hours of additional work.
I really liked the whole concept of this project management system, as WP Plugin, sadly it turned into a big disappointment and added labor. In summary, I’ve spent money to add another big headache in a major project with dozens of moving parts.

It create user that can not be deleted. Not recommended


Author response


There is absolutely no problem in deleting a PTO user or PTO client.

The following is a screen-cast of me deleting a PTO client on my staging website.

The following is a screen-cast of me deleting a PTO user on my staging website.

Your issue is most likely cause by a plugin conflict.
If you require instruction on how to look for the conflicting plugin, please kindly open up a support ticket in our support system

At the moment, please kindly consider revising your rating.

Thank you

Best regards,

for Design Quality

I love this plugin. the best. for a. website design company. My company is called ExploreMyPC. Check out the site.

for Customizability

so many times have i customized only too lose after not updating a auto save feature would be nice.

Also cant upload pictures for teammembers as main admin quite annoying.

Would also like to have a feature that you can set time required in milestone templates rather than set specific dates.


Author response


I'm afraid that with any changes in code, these are obviously going to be overwritten when the plugin is updated.

The user avatars can be managed by admin by using the free WP User Avatar plugin.

Milestone date ranges are coming in the next week :-)

for Customer Support

It is a great plugin with great customer support. I think the only thing that is missing in the plugin is the well-written documentation and also video tutorials.

for Documentation Quality

There are no documentation, too bad.


Author response

Hello again Jordi

If you look at our docs page you'll see that we are currently updating our docs after a major update and hope to be finished very soon. You knew this already and have been happy to just ask a question, so I'm wondering if this is just something to post after Envato removed your previous reviews because they were untruthful?

Anyway, we'll take the review on this occasion as you're absolutely correct, the documentation is not complete, even though again it's not exactly truthful as the docs are about 50% complete, so "no documentation" isn't true either.

We're pretty happy with the dozens and dozens of reviews of 5 stars from reasonable people who aren't on a crusade because we couldn't resolve a non-existent issue.

Have a great weekend!

for Other

This plugin is nothing short of superb. I'm amazed by the tools and features that it provides, all while keeping the workflow organised and easy to understand. The range of features is astonishing and I keep finding little details that help me to better automate my processes, it's like having an extra member on my team. Exactly how software should be, intuitive, easy to understand and utilise and well supported.

I did need to raise a ticket as I couldn't get email piping set up, despite the provided docs on the subject, but it turned out to be an issue with my host and not having the correct extensions enabled. The support team answered my ticket within 10 minutes, I've waited well over 48 hours for support with other plugins.

I fell in love with it as soon as I used the demo! Keep it up Projectopia! I'm a fan for life!

for Feature Availability

Just awesome, hope they add language support per client soon.

for Customizability

Recommend. This is the best wordpress projects manager plugin on the envato market. Thank you, guys!

for Feature Availability

I've begun using and testing for my purposes. This plugin has been the best in many ways for the purposes I have planned. I've looked over many and this has come closest to what I want.

I look forward to the next update - Sign me up to Beta test!!

Support has been very responsive. Time zones are different but I knew that in advance.

The interface is very nice. Also has independent login and work area separate from Wordpress. So really feels Like separate app. Client login area seems very robust!

Test the demo to be sure this is for you... Im a fan...

for Customer Support

Great support, plugin is solid and a deal for the price.