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Dear Support,

I like the CQPIM plugin. But, I need to know if it works with RTL websites. My website language is Arabic, which is written in right to left direction.

Thank you,

We don’t currently support rtl in the plugin

Woocommerce integration ?

Hello, I believe my site was hacked thru CQPIM Are you interested in checking this out with me?

cqpimuploader keeps appearing in my user table if i delete it – it automatically reappears with a new user id and the user cqpimuploader keeps logging into the site from various locations around the country

i’m running the pro version of wordfence, so i’m able to track the logins

just curious if this is on purpose by the plugin, or if there truly is an issue with the plugin.

Thank you for your time and attention

Hello. It’s by design and is totally safe. The user is temporarily loaded when someone visits a quote form. It’s for submission only and that user had no privileges so cannot do anything on the site. It’s for the file upload on quote forms which is passed through filters. You haven’t been hacked.

Thank you for the quick response

Hi, I have recently purchased this awesome plugin, however my clients are unable to see their contract on a mobile device, can you please let me know how i can get this working?


If you raise a ticket with some screenshots (or better, a client test login), we can take a look at this for you.