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where is the PHP cURL Extension? Where is file attachment displayed at? How can quote display in email?

how do you remove the registration form from merging with my custom front end form?

We have replied to your ticket

Is there anyway to see the client password, so that we can view their current dashboard? I thought I had seen a place where the clients password was kept, but have not been able to relocate it???

No, passwords are encrypted once they are sent out via email. Plain text passwords would be a monumental security risk


I am trying to send a message to my client from the message section of the site and i’ve completely filled out the receipient, subject, and message section and when I attempt to send, it says all my fields are blank and I have to enter it again.

Do you by chance have a solution for this problem? If you need our website details I can send that information as well.

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Hard to give advise without seeing this, if you raise a ticket with your site details at http://support.cqpim.uk we can take a look for you when support reopens in the morning.