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greetings plugin seems too good and really looking forward to buy this but just i query can i add my custom form using another plugin into your client quotes page.Looking forward for your reply and hoping to buy your plugin because i literally loved it. thanks in advance regards Rajat Wadehra

At present we do not integrate with other form plugins, however this is something that we are considering

thanks for the information but one more thing can i add cost estimate calculator through your form api.

Hello, Presale Question here.

I want to use this task management tool, for internal use only. Can I turn off the function to calculate time. I simply want my staff to be able to mark the task as complete.

This function cannot currently be disabled

I had problems with my previous hosting provider and have now created a new website. I know that the plugin can only be activated on one site and that my old website will be registered with the plugin.

Is there a way to delete the registration (without losing the information) and installing it on our company’s new website?

If you raise a quick ticket we’ll send you another version. We’re about to upload a version with the activation process removed.

Is there a way to mark an invoice as paid if a client pays me with cash or check? Thanks!

Yup, you can manually add a payment by viewing the invoice in administration and clicking add payment. You can add notes to the payment entry too if you wish

OK thanks!