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LarsRoev Purchased

Hello Timeless The “Due on date” on invoice is showing wrong in if set differently in company/ client payment terms. I am feel certain that it is a bug. Apropos, Please add 21 days payment terms.

Have a fine evening Lars

Hi – You’ll need to raise a ticket at http://support.cqpim.uk


beboopp Purchased

Hello i had removed the plugin and instaled again on the same site and after that says duplicated activation. Can you help me.

Hi – You’ll need to raise a ticket at http://support.cqpim.uk


beboopp Purchased

Sorry please delete this made duplication.

We’re unable to delete comments unfortunately, doesn’t matter though :-)

Hi, Is your plugin translated into French? If the answer is no, can you completely translate your theme to 100% in French? My future clients will be French, I need the interface to be in French.

We don’t have a french translation but the plugin includes PO files, and yes the entire plugin can be translated

Can I start working with the plugin offline and then play online without losing my license?

You’d need to be online in order to activate


oeaudio Purchased

I have purchased this a couple of months ago. Still have trouble. I am adding Team Members to Projects and getting a warning about “The team member was successfully added. The email failed to send. Check you have completed the email subject and content fields in the plugin settings.”

I have my Gmail SMTP plug activated and working properly, testing email sent is confirming that. What or where are the plug-in settings your warning is telling me to adjust?

Thank you

Have you completed the email subject and content fields for each template in the plugin settings?


oeaudio Purchased

That’s what I’m not getting. Where in the plug-in settings do I do that? The Settings tab in the CQPIM dashboard list is just a blank page. I also opened a ticket on the timelessinteractive support page. thanks

OK, someone will respond to your ticket shortly

You told me to activate online, but if I activate offline to make some changes will not work online?

Sorry I’m not sure what you mean?


mshena Purchased


I installed the plugin, but in the client page, the Settings and Contacts are missing.

Could you confirm if the files I downloaded are missing something.

Best regards.

Hi – Please raise a ticket http://support.cqpim.uk


valsidalv Purchased

Hi, sent ticket yesterday but support site http://support.cqpim.uk/ is down?


LM123 Purchased


I have a question because i cannot activate the plugin with the code so I tried to make an account to submit a ticket but i filled in a wrong email adres and now i cannot submit a ticket haha hoooow help me….

I cannot activate the plugin because it says the code is used by another website but that is not true because that website deleted the plugin. It was my old website.

Thanks, Lotte

We have deleted your account on the support site so you can now re-register


kpxhkd Purchased

Hi. The plugin have not been updated for few months now. Any plan for new features or upgraded features?

I would really like to have a complete button for each task inside the milestone in the project section. It would really help to when there is 100 tasks to be done and you have to go into each single task to mark it complete.

Hello – Yes, we’re working on Version 3 as we speak

That’s a nice idea, I’ll add it to the list :-)

hi, please i am actually looking for a software that handles. task assignment (with every other authorized stakeholder AUTOMATICALLY copied by mail with the detail of the task/project), however, I am also looking for a system that periodically automatically reminds the person or people by mail. who have received the task to do a progress report to the person that assigned the task to them while still copying everyone who had been initially copied by mail and even the addition of more stakeholder if need be. Please does your system have these features?


kpxhkd Purchased

Hi. Where can we change the text of Pay with Stripe? I want to change to Pay with Credit Card because people do not know what stripe is. If you cannot change the text, please let me know where I can change the whole button itself from the FTP or something. Thanks. (screenshot attached)


Hi, that will be in invoice.php (near the bottom of the file) in the templates-inc folder


kpxhkd Purchased

http://support.cqpim.uk/ is down so I am going to write here.

Client cannot login after getting their credentials through email. When client tries to login, it gives login successful message but the page refreshes and stays at the same page with blank id and password field. How can I fix this?

The support site is active, we’ll need a login so please include one in your ticket


I want to learn more about attaching a document of my clients on their back-end. For example, if I do some work I want them to view the attachment or work via the back-end rather than the front end. Can you please advise?