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I’m adding users and assigning them to projectopia, but they aren’t showing up as team members. What am I doing wrong? Why won’t it sync?


Where are you adding the users? You should add team members by clicking the Add Team Member button in the Team Members section.

Sounds like you’re adding them in in WP Users and then just giving them a PTO User role. That won’t work.

The plugin manages the user creation side, you don’t need to do anything in WP Users.

How can I get a PDF invoice without my website’s header? Currently, when I download PDF it shows my website header without CSS styles.

The PDF should be exactly what you see when you click “View Printable Invoice” in the invoice admin page. If it isn’t, then please raise a ticket at https://support.projectopia.io and we can look in to it for you.

It is exactly as view printable version but it is having my website’s header which I don’t want. I mean it doesn’t make any sense to have website’s header on invoice.

It’s not supposed to be there, clearly. We’ve responded to your ticket

Hi, Can i printer the ticket that had been solve or service order?


I’m not sure what this means, if you can clarify then we can give you an answer.

Hi, I am interested for this plugin Just I have some questions and I hope you will answer me : How many Clients and team members can I add ? How much the maximum size for upload the files ? is possible that the clients will have a private session that can get their old invoices ? Thank you so much


You can add as many Client and Team Members as you wish

The maximum size for file uploads depends on what you have configured in your PHP settings on your hosting

Clients can view all of their invoices by logging in to their dashboard

A pre-sales questions. One of our customers is looking for us to provide a hotel maintenance task system. Had a quick look at your demos and this might do what they require but not sure if it’s overkill. Do you think it would manage these requirements? 1) Intuitive backend system for admin\operations to register a new maintenance task.Need to be able to add custom metadata – e.g. room, area (plumbing, electrical, detail) etc. And also assign to releveant personnel or perseonnel gourp (Plumbing dept, electrical dept, joinery dept etc). 2) Easy to access time\date based list of tasks for maintenance management to both assign and print. 3) Easy to access (both mobile or computer) list of tasks for engineers to access. Either to see their own assigned tasks or pick from a pool of relevant (to their skill) unassigned tasks. 4) Easy to access (both mobile or computer) system to allow engineers to mark tasks as complete, partially complete or escalate if more skill base is needed. 5) Reporting system, allowing admin to run reports by time range, job range, job lists, completed by, time taken.

This needs to be as intuitive as possible, so is it possible to hide un-needed features etc? Do you think this system would be suitable?


In all honesty I think this is massive overkill for what you need. The only thing you’ve really mentioned is Tasks – Maybe a dedicated task manager system would be more fitting. There are a few on CodeCanyon but I can’t say if they do exactly what you need. Or there are apps like Wunderlist that might be suitable?

After updating to 4.0.4, a stored quote form is no longer visible/editable. The Form Builder is blank. How to restore functionality to edit forms? – thanks

If you raise a ticket we can take a look for you


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I would also like to vote for adding an option to make the Milestone section optional. I never use milestones or deadlines with clients because all our work is ongoing, but not on the same project. My business is task-based only so it would be nice if tasks were completely separate on projects from the Milestone section. I can understand milestones for large projects but when you get assigned a few hours of tasks at a time, it’s redundant to have milestones AND tasks. I’ve never seen any other software / web client have this setup, and trust me I’ve tried dozens. Avaza, Quickbooks, TriggerApp, etc.

Anyway, I like the plugin for the most part but the milestone thing is pretty frustrating because it takes forever just to set up the project. Now that I’ve paid for the plugin, I’m afraid I don’t like the workflow enough to continue using it. It takes longer to add the project and tasks and get it setup than the actual time it takes to do the short assignments I get. :(


We’re unlikely to remove the milestones part. Milestones and Tasks are the basis of a waterfall project management methodology and pretty much all waterfall PM systems have this. A milestone is effectively a group of tasks.

Adding a milestone takes a few seconds, so I’m not sure how this is adding so much time to creating a project that it takes longer than the job itself?

Sorry if the waterfall methodology doesn’t work for you, perhaps if you only work on very small projects then this system might be a little complex for you. Maybe a simple task manager would be more appropriate.