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i am trying to login using the cqpim login form but it is not working. It just stays on that same login page

You’re not showing as someone who has purchased the item?


bonactech Purchased

Do you think in the future create API for conexion with accounts software like QuickBooks?

It’s a possibility but not something we currently have planned

Hi, I would like to purchase this plugin but i have a few questions from your demo and i was not able to notice it.

1) The sidebar menu within the client dashboard, can we add custom links to it?

2) If so can we create new pages that have the same style within the dashboard so for example could we have a page called “full terms” and the client can see this page and on the left is the sidebar and the top is the header with shortcuts to messages, settings etc like any other dashboard page? The only thing i can think of is to duplicate an existing cq page and change the content within and rename the file. But i am not sure if these pages are in your wordpress articles as your admin demo only shows cq content.

3) I can see the area to amend the Terms wording that gets added to a contract Can we edit the contract wording? We currently have contracts written and although your system provides a quick contract we would like to specify the contract in more details. The project dates are the same, it will be the “agreement between parties wording etc”

Thanks Robert

PS. We are adding a better contract / quote template builder in v4

Thank you for answering the questions, just one more, can we add shortcodes within the text areas of “Project Information” just incase we want to embed a video or embed content from other areas. I did try in the demo area but was not able to see it. As WP has lots of shortcodes we may want to use these inside your CQPIM text box.

Yes I believe you can, I’ll check and get back to you

Can I integrate with woocommerce to use the payment gateways?

We don’t integrate with WC at this time. There is a WC add-on in the pipeline but it’s not for the purpose of payment gateways.

Is this plugin and addons still supported? We are planning to use it and i dont want it to integrate in my business if we have to change it these months. Thank you.

Yes they are all in active development. We are changing the name, but the plugin itself will still work as it does now (with more new features)

Hi there,

We’ve installed your plugin and we have a question. We installed a plugin to get the login on the home page, and set it to go after login to CQPIM client dashboard. The thing is it goes to the CQPIM Login, making the user to login again. Can we avoid this issue?

Thanks, Hugo

You should set the CQPIM Login page as your home page


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Hello Timeless Interactive,

I am having multiple issues related to the front end. In the client dashboard, quotes and contracts, several links from the site are appearing. Menu bars related to the main site navigation is showing in the project management area. The to_top plugin is showing the link without css formatting.

The admin bar is also showing up on the front end even though I have it unchecked in the user profile.



Hi Todd

If you raise a ticket at https://support.cqpim.uk our team will investigate during support hours

Hello. My invoices are no longer being sent. They show up in my email log as sent, but never reach their intended recipient. For some reason only the invoice session transcripts are unreadable (just a mix of apparently random characters.) Seemingly, all of the other emails sent through the CQPIM plugin (e.g. login details, support tickets, etc.) are received and appear fine. I haven’t changed any settings. Please advise?

If they were sending before and all of a sudden they’re not sending, it doesn’t suggest a problem with the plugin because nothing has changed. Unless the plugin has been modified. Either way you’ll need to renew support and raise a ticket

Why are you hiding the answer about the admin lockout – yes its obviously common and yes i am locked out too – it would be nice to buy a product that is safe to use or at least be about to search for a straight answer …And quiet honestly this is your fault. You raise a message immediately after install saying that a user must be linked to a team member. There’s only one user ,,,,what the hell do you think is going to happen. DId you ever stop and think it out ?And i see these questions being squashed and shoo’d the support for months now. Shame on you – and DONT help me . Ill reload like a big boy…

Good morning

We are aware of a bug that has affected a small handful of buyers (Probably around 5-10 of 1580 buyers, less than 1%)

Because we have received some fairly vague information on the issue from those affected, we haven’t been able to replicate it in a working environment until last week, when we discovered the cause while looking in to an unrelated issue that a buyer had reported with regards to role fields, and packaged up a release that fixed it (which is waiting for approval as we speak)

I don’t see what you mean by “hiding the answer”, that would be a pretty pointless exercise on our part to hide a fix to a problem that would help our buyers.

Perhaps a more efficient tact would be to raise a ticket and ask?

You can delete my comment – But it’s very clear the problem. Your system tells the user to add link a team member as soon as the complete the install and enter the plugin for first time. On a newly installed WP there is only admin. The user links admin and their account is destroyed. Tact would be apologizing to the angry customer instead of trying to lecture in public when the problem should have been handled the first time it was reported. I don’t think you have handled either the problem or me correctly at this point. It’s nice plugin though and you will gain experience with time. There will be many after me, some will be worse Good luck, this product has the potential of being truly great if not the best already

The issue wasn’t that straight forward, otherwise it would have affected everybody. If it did indeed destroy everybody’s user accounts when they installed the plugin I’m pretty sure we wouldn’t be so highly reviewed and have so many happy customers.

Unfortunately it did affect you, so we apologise for that. If you’d like to discuss further, please feel free to raise a ticket.


ShopDesign Purchased

Question about the client dashboard. When you assign a client to a project and they go into their dashboard to access the project, they click on the project name and the URL looks like it should be some type of update page for the project. We don’t actually get a page, we get a 404. What is the project link on the client dashboard to go to and does it require a certain type of update to generate that page?


Sounds like you just need to reset your permalinks in WordPress.

This will solve the 404 problem.


pstryer Purchased

Can I get a list of short codes in the system. I deleted some pages such as the login page and I need to recreate it but I can’t find a list of short codes in your docs.

thanks Paul Stryer

Hi Paul

The pages don’t use shortcodes, they have templates applied by page ID. If you’ve deleted them the fastest way to get them back is to deactivate and reactivate the plugin, which will recreate the pages.