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Plugin looks like just what I want. Now will this take styles directly from my shopify store, and I have to style my store on the shopify side or can I pull them in and style them in wordpress?

Also is there a way to pull in the “related products” that shopify has? I know I could pull in the category under the product, but the problem there is it will repeat the same product your looking at.

This plugin works well for me. however, it seems to return products from shopify sorted in alphabetical order. Is there a way to return the products in the custom sort order defined in the shopify collection?

the url string returns them in the correct order if i paste it directly in the web browser. but in my widget, they are ordered alphabetically. any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hello, if I add or remove products in my shopify website I can’t see any changes in my Wordpress website using this plugin.

watchfinder, are you still having trouble with this? I am sorry for the late reply.

Bought the plugin and inputted API info correctly as far as I’m aware. Then dropped in shortcode with collection ID into a Wordpress page, and nothing’s showing up. Can you assist please?

Sorry for the very late response—has this been resolved? If not, can you please share the site where you are trying to implement it and I can check into it?

Hi there,

I just bought this and need a bit of help getting started. I’ve got the API info plugged in, but I just don’t know which info I’m putting into the shortcode to display the product. Seems like a two second fix.

Thanks in advance.

paper2pixelsdesign, If you go to the “CPT Shopify” settings page in your Wordpress Admin backend, you will see a description of what the shortcode should be. You need to log into your store and capture the specific collection you want displayed. Here is an example:

[shopify request=’products’ requestdata=’{collection_id“}’]

Sorry for the delayed reply!

When a collection of several items is displayed, and a user clicks on an item, where do they go? To the product on Shopify, or to a single-product display that appears as part of the wordpress site?

I would really love if this could keep the person on my site adding additional items until they go to check out!

Hi Lydia, sorry for the very late reply. My account wasn’t notifying me of messages and I’m just now seeing these.

In the current version, the plugin opens a new tab for the store and sends the user to that tab the first time they add a product to the cart. In subsequent “adds” of items to their cart, it re-uses the same tab.

You can see it in action here:

Hello, does this current version work with no issues with Shopify as of July 2016?

Does this show multiple images for a single product as well?

Hi there, I’ve purchased your plugin but have a couple questions about it as its not working. Is there an email I can mail you on?