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Very nice, it is a smart and fun way to fill a form :)

Thanks you :)

Very creative, one problem i see, is with incorrect captcha, the form input dissapears and I don’t know what to do next :)

Thank you and this problem will be resolved soon.

problem resolved (in real time) :)

Does this work with BuddyPress registration forms?

No it’s just compatible with buddypress with the functionality mentioned

Captcha not working on (scroll to bottom). Image not generated..

Please help me with ftp and wp login via my profile page and i will have a look.

Thank you

Hey there,

The captcha code isn’t working on my site. Please help me resolve this. What core files do I need to make changes to?

Can you please help me with ftp details from my profile page so that I can have a look of the issue

Hi, sent you a mail

So actually you took cordrops form From link below, add very limited functionality and sell it as premium plugin?

1. At least you have to mention that this plugin doesn’t allow you to create multiple forms. It is ONE and only one form. 2. It messes with Wordpress Dashboard css. If you are using wordpress in RTL in hebrew or arabic, it breaks the admin css. everything there is a mess. 3. Fonts makes it worse. I can understand why codrops using there fonts but when making plugin for wordpress it must to take in to account that maybe the fonts that is in plugin not perfectly match the website design and remove it or add option to disable it or changing it. 4. I don’t even think that this plugin has to be sold here and even if it worth 16$. Nope its not as it looks like now. This kind of plugins get there way to WP repository and not to market place. 5. You have at least specifie that the author and creativiry of this concept and all css and front end functionality was made by Mary Lou.

Sorry but its far away from some premium plugin that worth something.

Thanks for your wonderful ideas. I will try to incorporate these in future.

Hi where I can find the WordPress plugin file?

On install, the plugin fails to get activated with the following error message – “Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.”

I have installed and activated the framework first, yet the same error pops up when installing the actual plugin. Need your response ASAP.

Sent it via your profile.

There’s no reply yet, fatal errors with core plugin PHP files screwed up. Plan on fixing this? Poor support, highly disappointed.

By just using website admin panel details it’s not very easy to test things. But, I think you are using old Php version.


Can I use this form on php file?, I am not using wordpress.

If this form responsive?


if you know php, you can use it. Its a small script and can be easily customised

yes its responsive

Does this require WordPress? or just PHP, and MySql

Version on code canyon needs WordPress

Seven sales is not bad but This would be a big seller if it were standard php and mySQL. No need to require WordPress.

Thanks for your visionary advice. We will look into it

Seven sales is not bad but This would be a big seller if it were standard php and mySQL. No need to require WordPress.

Hi there, just purchased your plugin but their was no zip file “” was not there. How do I install it?

upload the cps-plugin-framework and cps-single-input-form to plugins folder. Activate cps-plugin-framework first and then cps-single-input-form.

Hi, we’ve set up the form and it was working well then a few days later we tested it again and we had the response “undefined” when trying to make a submission. The form settings had not been touched. We went into the settings which were the same and then clicked save which seem to fix the issue. A few days later the same thing happened again. Are you able to advise what is causing the form to break and how we can fix?

Send admin and ftp details via my profile page

Beware of plugin very buggy and author doesn’t like to offer good support.