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where do you place the two files? in the “Root” /var/ dir? or in the domain dir? ie /public_html

Not sure where to upload the two files? Can you be a bit more clear.

Do you upload to the server “Root” or the Domain “public_html” dir?

The index.php did not show up when I did the “public_html”. it sent me to my cpanel requesting I login. “did that” then it requested I login in again???

What’s going on? what am I doing wrong?

hi thanks for buy my script. I dont understand what you want. Can you send me a few screenshot or video cast for your problem. I can prepare a installation and usage video for you if you want. You can easly contact with me via my support forum

i am here and i will wait for your response.


Thanks for your best wishes. You can give 5 stars in your download page. Like this:

Very interesting and works very well. It would be much more interesting option to change the ip of a subdomain to do dynamic dns. A greeting, thank you and I wish you many sales.

Thanks for your best wishes my friend. cPanel API not allow changing subdomains ip address so i dont add this feature to script. But i think some new features at next update.

i am getting error on demo while login

“/usr/local/cpanel/cpanel” exited with status 1 (EPERM).

Hi, i checked my errror logs, i dont find anything about this. Can you send a screen shot to me? Or you can send details to me via email support. Its may about your cpanel firewall exceptions. Please, i will wait your response. Thanks.

Is it able to maintain CNAME ?

Not yet but its on my mind. I responsed your email. Thanks.

Nice little script, works perfect! How about one for addon domains? You could do very well creating one for every api call. :) Do you freelance?

hi my friend thanks for your wishes. I am not freelance for now. But i can add addon domains at next update.

I was suggesting make a “new” script just for addon domains.

You could make several independent scripts to do very specific tasks such as: 1 for sub domains, check. 1 for addon domains,1 for parked domains, 1 for create account, 1 for email accounts, 1 for ips, etc.

It gives customer the ability to pick and choose the services they desire without the crap they don’t. If they desire multiple services they can purchase multiple scripts. ;)

Thanks my friend. I will think your suggest. :) I will create cPanel addon domains script firstly for you. ;)

Hi, I’m interested in your plugin. Before to buy I want to be sure if your plugin will allow my visitors to create sub-domains automatic. I want at the time of registration they can choose a sub-domain. Is possible? Thanks, Silv

Hi silvium, This script have php class for developers. If you want to create your own script, for example free hosting script etc, you can use the class. Its very simple. For more information, please contact with me via email. I will help you. Thanks for your interesting.

Question before I buy. Sorry if it sounds dumb :)

Does the script actually create a subdomain in cpanel or is it a virual subdomain like the ones created in wordpress multisite with a wildcard subdomain?

Lastly, I will need to create thousands of subdomains – will cpanel and your system be able to cope with this amount of subdomains?

Thanks for your time and sorry for stoopid questions.

Hi my friend. I’ll be glad to answer your questions.

This script create realy subdomains on your cpanel hosting. Not virtual subdomains with wildcard. You can check subdomains on cpanel. This script use a class to create subdomains. If you can develop on php you can use that class to create subdomains full functionality like subdomain folder name etc.

This script can create unlimited subdomains unless if your hosting provider limited number of subdomains like 50, 100 subdomains etc. This script create subdomain same as cpanel. ;)

Your questions are very important, i must update my script’s envato page. Thanks for helping to improve myself :)

I hope i can help you.

Can this be used to list domains as well as subdomains? I don’t need to add domains, but I would like to list the existing domains on the server.

Also, any plans to create a script for managing DNS on a cPanel server?

So has this product been abandoned?

“access denied”.... I can see that all comments are one year old.. This script no longer works.. Codecanyon must remove it..

Hİ my friend! Script works well. I check it. If you see “Access denied” error, probably your username or password is wrong. I send an email to you. Please contact with me. I will be glad to help you.


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tvcash Purchased

Last update was 13 May 2014….

What about this for an update:
It’s customized to create the directory with /USERNAME at the end of domain and will copy all files of a selected TEMPLATE_DIR into it?

1. USER to able to check if USERNAME available.
2. USER will Next select “Directory” that will be copied.
3. System will also create MySQL database for new user
4. USER Lands on newly created


Is this doable?