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It’s really great game! there are a lot people play this game and if you like to read articles about new game for android or iOS visit: Good luck!

Thank you for your comment. Nice article.

hello, the app is rejected by apple. here is the message :

We noticed an issue in your app that contributes to a lower quality user experience than Apple users expect:

- Your app was not optimized to support the device screen size or resolution.

We’ve attached screenshot(s) for your reference. Resources

For information on improving and enhancing your app:

- Watch the video The Ingredients of Great Apps to understand the basics of great apps - Watch the video iPhone and iPad User Interface Design for practical design tips - Watch iOS Development Videos to learn about programming and design tips. - Read the iOS Human Interface Guidelines and double check that your app’s user interface adheres to these valuable guidelines.

Have you any idea to fix this issue ? thanks

Hi ther
Could you please tell us what did you change in code?
Please send us screenshot of Apple Review Team.
Send us your source code to see from closer look.
Our game is already published and had some of updates in past days, so with code everything is fine. Sometimes Apple Review Team look more strictly then other days at every App published.

Please send all of info through our Profile Page under Email Dulisa1.

Did you resolve the lower user interface rejection by apple ? Does you upgrade app for iOS 11? Does you upgrade latest admob SDK ? Does the app support ipv 6 support ? Does the app has in-app purchases ? Regards

its up to you how you gonna reskin game and quality of graphic used for it.
Game is up to IOS 11, 64 bit support, Xcode 8 and 9.
It not include IAP but can be additionally added in code by request.

Thanks for the replay, Did your game include Admob ads ? Did the game also has PSD files of Graphics.?

Game include Chartboos and HeyZap Ads. AdMob can be added threw HayZap Dashboard.
All .PSD atlas image are in purchased file.