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how many levels?

This is how we was making our game.
For further change about AD settings and appearing in game we can make change in code according to your needs.
Adding more interstitial ads, or banner ads.

ok if you can add more interstitial ads on very level and game over then can purchase.with promise in hopw many days new update will made?

We still need to made small change in game, and adding more levels. We can not say in days exactly, but from 5-10 days we will made update.

Can you ad admob to this game? I will buy with admob and chartboost.

Please inform me for your iOS version

We will. Thank you for checking our game.

If I want some adaptations in characters and futures could you make it for me ? it will still in the price or i need to pay more?

Hi there,
Please send us your request through our Profile Page under Email Dulisa1, with short description of adaptions.

Hi I purchase in now , I need to use admob ads for this game. I will send request to your E-mail please advise.

Hi, we still did not receive notification from you. If you can leave us your email or try to send again we highly would appreciate.

Already Reply. Thank you.

Hi, willing to purchase this game, can you tell me what engine/lib do you use?

We would advise you to change a little bit, to avoid duplication on Play Store ( They become more strict about duplication of App ).
Some background, some Zombie Enemy, and at least one character.

You can change necessary details about code in Eclipse Engine, and after that you can import it into Android Studio to compile code to .apk file. ( We advise to do all change in code in Eclipse Engine )

Many thanks, i will change most of the game, that’s no problem :) buying right now

You welcome, if you will need some assistance please let us now how we can assist you. You can contact us threw our Profile Page under Email Dulisa1.
We wish you a lot of download and revenue.

Hi, I have question. Which point I have to change the name of game in load screen?

(I already change in strings.xml but in the load screen is still show “Cowboy VS Zombie”)

For Text Label configuration you will need to go to PTModelAssetsButtonLabel.0.attributes.xml and look for

<string>Cowboys Vs Zombies</string>

Let su now after changing this value is name have been changed in Load screen.

OK, It’s change now. Thank you for your good support.

Hi, thank you for replying.

Hi, I have new question that when I submit this game to google play ,I got warning about “libpng” for this game, how I have to fix it ?

Already replied, and send.

Thank you ! I already rate 5 stars for you.

You welcome.