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whats tool for editing game ? construct 2 maybe

Yes you can edit the game using Construct 2 Game Engine

No Sound in iphone

Had tested the game on ipad and sound was working fine..

This game is Released on itunes also https://itunes.apple.com/app/cowbow+shoot+zombies/id916756576

I’m test in ipad and iPhone not work sound http://online-free-stuff.com/csz/

Yes Thats a html5 version of game might be thats why not working on ipad.

But app version of game works on iphone and ipad.

You need to open game on construct 2 then export to cocoonjs file and compile the game through ludei cocoonjs. It will work :)

For Testing install the game by using itunes link. https://itunes.apple.com/app/cowbow+shoot+zombies/id916756576


Can I change the graphics?


Yes you can change graphics..Make changes in “IMAGES” folder and you are ready to go. :)

Let me know if you having any trouble in changing graphics.


I want to but this game, But here are some questions in mind:

- I need to but construct 2 license to edit this game? - Admob installation is easy in it? - Need professional developer? Or i can edit it? (I am HTML/CSS developer)

Looking for response Thanks

No it does not require any professional developer html/css would be great..you just need to be lil bit techie..

So you can export to html5 or cocoonjs then compile with ludie cocoonjs and there you can use your admob id.

Refer this link http://support.ludei.com/hc/en-us/articles/200862506-CocoonJS-plugin-for-Construct-2

This game is great. For people who are interested in buying this, it’s worth the money.

I have no problems with sound on ios or Admob integration when I export using IntelXDK. The game loads and runs smooth.

I don’t know the developer, but when i see quality code, I applaud it. If you don’t hear sound on iOS, make sure Construct 2 creates the .ogg and .m4a sound files are in the media folder.

Looking forward to new items.

Thanks very much…if you liked the game it would be great if you can give us 5 rating :)

If possible for add level ? How much fee for this custom work ?

Yes its possible to add levels..for freelance work customization add me on skype : mehta.himanshu14

I have changed the images in the folder but if I am opening the game in construct still the old images are displayed. What do I have to do?

You might changed the html5 folder images

Html5 folder and C2 folder are not connected. so either you change images of html5 folder and run index.html on any browser that will work.

or you can open construct 2..double click on any image and replace that image with your image..then its done.

If you still get this problem add me on skype : mehta.himanshu14

Hello Author,

i want to buy just give me answer of few questions.

1. Construct 2 available for MAC if we needed. 2. if not available then can we use any other tool for editing. ? 3. I want to change character . what should i need to do ? easy method and fast.

4. its easy to take out build for Android and IOS both ?

Many Thanks! Muhammad


1. No Construct 2 is not available for MAC. 2. You can simply do the image editing in html5 folder 3. Yes you can change character or any other game assets by make a change in html5 folder. Go to images folder and do whatever change you want.

4. You can take out the ios or android build using intel xdk Follow this tutorial https://www.scirra.com/tutorials/809/how-to-export-to-android-with-crosswalk

If you still get problem let me know

hello, I make a query:

1- complete game Captcha code included? you can modify images, texts?

2- Can you put admob and / or Adsense? to make money on web and mobile.


Yes for freelance work i charge fee. You Can add me skype for freelance work. Skype – mehta.himanshu14

Hello, need help export to android


Hello man add my skype please need support Skype: danilostorm

yeah i added you…msg dropped please check

pre-sales questions – 1. if i purchase this game, can i modify it and released under ios/androi? do i have to pay for additional licences?

Yes you can modify using C2 but you need to change graphics to release under ios/android…no charges for that if you do by urself :)

hi i use indroid studio and i want to add admob . how i can do it ?

you have to use cocoon or intel xdk for adding admob ads

hi mr aashcool when i download the source code i didn’t find the file were i should put admob . now what i should do ? can help me please


You want to compile the game using cocoon or intel xdk?...let me know i can help better…you can add me on skype also for more help

skype – mehta.himanshu14


I want to buy this game Is there a version of HTML5 – APK – Can you put a button to enlarge the size of the game on the size of the screen or mobile desktop This illustration?


Add me on skype. I will help you there skype – mehta.himanshu14

I’m sorry I can not speak English but I can speak a little this my email