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Nice work GLWS :)

very good job ! all the best for your sales ;)

i want support rtl “arabic”

To change the currency will I help you, whereas to change the language please use google translator for the web or it could be my guide steps

i mean support rtl ?

Sorry, does not yet support rtl

there is no Track Shipments option

what about courier traking number details

when print details about the courier there is need barcode of the traking number its easy to managing courier system

you can take ideas about courier service from aramex.com

Nice work! Good luck with sales

hello, is this script including withh full source code? and can be installed in many domain ? lets me know thanks

Which framework you have used for this script?

From pure php

Code cannot use and wrong code, but when I need support, solder ask 10$ for any change althought code have problem when add or change dict, prov, sub-dict. Code cannot calculate ship fee. Pls don’t buy it. Cannot use. Save your money!

For the price setting not from the districts to other districts, but calculated from the difference between the zip code of each sub-district, then the difference is multiplied by the price setting in the admin menu. If your request means you bought the product wrongly, you should buy the product this https://codecanyon.net/item/cargo-management-software/9912777

Please download the latest update and you will get a lot of convenience, and the problem you experienced has been resolved in this latest update.


EdBlitz Purchased

Very good, very good this improvement! Congratulations! But … how does the currency change from the dollar to the euro

Thanks, please rate this product. To change the currency dollar to euro is very easy, open all files in notepad ++, and replace all document opened from $ to the currency you want. After $ sign give one space, then replace it with the currency you want and give one space then replace all document opened and save all.

will it has automatic sms option

You can integrate with gammu by modifying a bit in the script

how to check Delivery Status?_ which code is to be imputed and where is it generated?

For the standard version, you can get 135 numbers from the transaction data id number automatically created when adding transactions. As for the status of delivery is only a choice of delivery status only and no description until where the post, but you can add the form description in the transaction data menu and modify a bit scriptnya

the number 135 cant be longer thank that for a normal tracking code? I want it to act as tracking code as well…

I do not understand what you mean

Presales ques. How to merchant add product for delivery?

There is no addition to the product because it is general delivery, but you can make the shipping price package like normal delivery, fast delivery and so on. Login as Administrator and click menu Data Master and then choose Setup Costs

WA saya dibuka gan


om bisa buat website seperti https://www.trukky.com/ . brapa biaya

Bisa tapi mahal

om bisa buat website seperti ini ga? https://bistip.com/ berapa?