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Apakah menerima custom / modifikasi fitur ?

Sementara masih belum menerima custom, karna kalau custom jatuhnya mahal

right now google map API is paid service? because free one not available from console. any idea how to get it free ? and where we have to contact for customization ? you will update your current version ?

I have used the API from Google and did not pay, please check on the web demo and everything went well. Please read the manual, there are instructions about the API from Google

okay we fix it and please answer other questions - 2. where we have to contact for customization? will update your current version?

For custom prices starting at $ 100, please send custom details to and I will calculate the cost

1- Client’s accounting & ledger available in system?

2- Can system accepts partial payment?

3- Shipment tracking available for clients?

4- Can I customize Add Shipment form to add/remove desired data input fields?

5- Is it opensource system so that we may customize it as per needs?

6- Can system send SMS & E Mail notifications automatically with each status change and new shipment as well?

DEMOS not working

As Operator User : M00015 and Password : M00015

As Branch User : M00014 and Password : 12345

Presale question: I am a fulfillment center. Can I use this software to upload different price list of different forwarders for clients to estimate their shipping cost automatically and hire us to use our service, and to track ect.? My business mode is that my clients can choose different lines to different destinations to compare the shipping costs and choose the line they want. They can also store their goods in our warehouse and we dropship for them. They can pay advance payment as a member and we deduct funds from their advance payment.

What you have described can be made in a custom package, with prices starting at $ 1000

can develop for android and iOS app? is for local courier in your country or global?

Yes, can

Do you have mobile app for this system

Automatic display adjusts to the mobile screen because you already use bootstrap, you just make a web louncher so that it can become an Android APK mobile application