Courier Deprixa Pro - Courier System v3.3.0.3

Courier Deprixa Pro - Courier System v3.3.0.3

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Courier DEPRIXA PRO v3.3.0.3 It is a software designed for companies that handle packages and purchases on the internet that require a system to monitor the logistics of storage and cargo handling to their final destination, the collection of binding modules that will create automatic billing, according to the dimensions, weight and shape of said cargo handling.

Additional Courier DEPRIXA PRO v3.3.0.3, The advantage of this software is that it is a web system, allowing it to be accessed from a PC, Tablet or Smartphone possessing an Internet connection.

Courier Deprixa Pro - Integrated Web System Courier Deprixa Pro - Integrated Web System Courier Deprixa Pro - Integrated Web System

Update History

Version StarPath (07th May 2020)

  • Shipping module new fields and conditions when boxes or packages are added and allow them to be shown on the invoice and label
  • Simplified customer registration form module
  • Correction of errors in the Avatar of the users profile
UPDATE FOLDERS ¡ Important!...
  • Update files and folders in specific when they do their update download, there are separate files to update

Version StarPath (20th April 2020)

  • Module take photo and upload files user administrator and employee
  • Ticket printing module correction
  • Update files and folders in specific when they do their update download, there are separate files to update

Version StarPath (14th April 2020)

  • Virtual Locker Module
  • Creation module and Pick up list
  • Quotation module (List, sent and approved)
  • Customs queries and processes module (Customs Process, Blocked Packages and Package History)
  • Modulo, all states
  • New format for PDF reports
  • Take photo or upload file when package is delivered
  • Advanced PDF and EXCEL reports on all shipments
  • Module create collections in the client
  • Module create quotes on the client
  • Module list of packages delivered to the client
  • Module History of quotes in the client
  • Printing label module
  • New container printing module
  • Updating the entire template
  • Error correction when shipping was updated
  • Grouping and organization of all modules
  • Correction of errors in some modules and update of source code

Version StarPath (23th August 2019)

  • Changes in the driver module in the digital signature, usually with a modal button
  • correction in the PDF library, when printing reports in general

Version StarPath (22th August 2019)

  • Simplification in the side menu, all shipments in submenu only
  • Correction of module of pre alerts in the session of the client
  • Correction in the client registration form, when activating your account with token code

Version StarPath (19th August 2019)

  • Pre Alert Module
  • Package pickup module
  • Advanced search module
  • Version caching module
  • Correction of some modules
  • code simplification
  • design update

Version StarPath (01th April 2019)

  • Correction plugin faraola to summernote more stable
  • Correction of error to module of user registers
  • Update modules dashboard, add courier, add container, consolidate

Version StarPath (14th February 2019)

  • Change of main web template
  • Consolidated new module
  • New drivers module
  • Correction of errors in some modules
  • Driver user module
  • Consolidated in customer module
  • Module of tariffs and taxes
  • Russian Language Translation

Version 3.2.6 StarPath (30th October 2018)

  • Modern web template editable.
  • Programming mysqli, new in all the code
  • New administration control
  • Module containers
  • Text message TWILIO and NEXMO

Version 3.2.5 StarPath (01th November 2017)

  • Modern web template editable.
  • Calculation of shipping and booking form, complete with client registration.
  • Module edit web page.
  • Upload and show photo customer module.
  • New language Portuguese.
  • In each user session time.
  • Update in the form of shipping and adjustments to the calculation of the formula collection.
  • Update of errors in the module shipping calculations.
  • Update of errors start of sessions.
  • Simplficacion of the code in general.
  • Update of errors in the module customer

Version 3.2.4 StarPath (27th June 2017)

  • Setting number of invoices.
  • Configuration information for virtual locker.
  • Virtual locker for customers.
  • Notifications for messages of tecto to your mobile phone.
  • Module basic accounting.
  • New online tracking module
  • Update errors in tables and general code.
  • Forms with secure validation update.
  • Update the login, registration for customers and admin interface.
  • Optimization in code source and general template

Version 3.2.3 StarPath (19th April 2017)

  • Import customers with cvs of excel file.
  • Double-encrypted password.
  • Recovery password and new password in your email notification.
  • New home for login and registration of customers.
  • New styles of colors in their own way.
  • Print invoices and labels when you generate a shipping.
  • Setting prefix for invoices.
  • Easy installation and change of username and password.
  • Custom folder deprixa to your dashboard.
  • Update of tables and queries.
  • Update reports and invoices in pdf.

Version 3.2.2 StarPath (07th April 2017)

  • Multi-lenguage (English, Spanish, French, indi)
  • MD5 Encrypted Password.
  • Reports in Excel.
  • Printing labels with barcode.
  • Consolidated and reports in Excel.
  • Module status Styles.
  • Search for auto in the forms of shipping Customers.
  • Calculations of volume shipments.
  • Update all the forms and tables with Jquery.
  • Update reports and invoices in pdf.

Version 3.2.1 StarPath (09th January 2017)

  • List of shipments online Booking.
  • Edit Shipping.
  • Delete Shipping.
  • Modal status and modal Deliver.
  • Module shipping automatic price Calculation.
  • Notification by email to the customer, at the time of Shipping.
  • Profile with image to the manager, employee and Customers.
  • Update of the cpanel logo and main web Page.
  • General Reports.
  • Notification of payment bank transfer, cpanel’s customer Payments.
  • Graph of normal delivlapproval shipments, cancellation of shipments Online.
  • Responsive website main and administration Deprixa.
  • Visibility in Mobile.
  • Adjustments and simplification in the source Code.

Version 3.2.0 StarPath (25th July 2016)

  • Reports in Graphics.
  • Who we Are.
  • Privacy Policies.
  • Terms and Conditions.
  • Cokies, promotions, awards, prohibited items & restricted list.
  • Contact Form.
  • Module shipping Calculator.
  • Automatic notification by email.
  • Simplifying administration – adjustments in all Modules.

Version 3.1.0 StarPath (13th March 2016)

  • Shipping Calculator.
  • Administration cost Calculator.
  • Update clients booking Form.
  • Update main Template.
  • Email alerts to customers and Administration.

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