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FizAhd Purchased

How can i scan the bar code that has been generated by the System? i want to update the delivery reports through bar-code? and is there any option of monthly summary or reporting

Hi, thanks for buying, the barcodes is a way to organize your shipments, in the search bar of each module you can scan and search for that order, but the update must be done manually, in the future I will make a more automated function with the barcodes.

for monthly reports you have to add that module and make it work, I will keep it in mind in the next version

I m not able to login to the application as user can you please provide me with the test credentials so that I can test the same.

hello how are the credentials are by default this is the link there you can browse and rehearse the scritp


tamzid92 Purchased

Your demo is working fine, but I am facing so many error on my files. Password reset doesn’t work, photo attach (profile photo or invoice slip) doesn’t work at all…

when are you going to release the update? You’re saying ‘update will take 1 week’ for the last 12 months… and, your 1 week didn’t End yet?

Check your code again, release the update please, or else, I would have to go for Refund.

hello dear friend you are right the delay is because I am reviewing line by line and avoid that in most servers the script works well, it has happened that in my server the demo works very well, unfortunately in prgramacion sometimes it can take several weeks in a line looking for the solution, I feel that you have problems, I will try as soon as possible to correct these things, I hope to work hard this weekend, thanks for the comments

hello I’m doing the tests in the following version and there are no problems with the photo change profile and passwords, please be patient and I almost have it ready I’m matching some details


tamzid92 Purchased

You’re using the words ‘almost ready’ for long time.. but, no update at all.


taylorma Purchased

Hello JAOMWEB thanks again i have just the problem of putting live chat on this website please respond

Hello you are adding a module to have chat on your website ?.

tell me what the chat module is called and what errors are being presented


tamzid92 Purchased

Why the script doesn’t support ‘unicode’ language? how do I add one?

Hello I am reviewing your case to give answer thank you


linkupt Purchased

please help, How can i solve this error

Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function mysql_connect() in C:\xampp\htdocs\latestdelivery\dashboard\database.php:29 Stack trace: #0 C:\xampp\htdocs\latestdelivery\dashboard\install\post_profile.php(24): require_once() #1 {main} thrown in C:\xampp\htdocs\latestdelivery\dashboard\database.php on line 29

Hello dear customer to help it send me your purchase code and my email osorio2380@gmail.com send me the connection details to your server to check your installation and that everything is correct

I await your response

Hello, how do i set up the SMS system on dashboard/script? I have create nexmo account already.

Also, How do i hide client list from “Employees” Only admin should see client list. Thanks and waiting for you response

hello esteemed client so that messaging messaging works, you must create an account in NEXMO, there you must buy a virtual number and load credits for messages, the system throws some security codes and you must enter it in the script where it says api sms,

to hide or give permissions you have to add or modify the code so that only shows in administrator, let me review and send you that file and only aya replace

Ok, so which files do i change permissions to hide Client list from Employees?

hello dude. im Sadey Niesen im buy, your product Courier Deprixa Pro – Integrated Web System v3.2.5

Item Purchase Code: 2b82d802-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-1223d96ba4d9

Can I set the shipping calculation by country with multiple answers (but the ‘from’ no country or city, length, width, heigth)? then length x width x heigth : 5000 = cost shipping. ????

it is correct you can do it always and when you have to make modifications so that it works and the last thing that is the formula of the volumetric calculation.

If you want help send your purchase code to my email and verify if I already bought in codecanyon, my email is osorio2380@gmail.com

check your email from,... admin@kongkow.email thank you.

hello I replied to that email, you can modify and change the 6000 to 5000 in the table of calculations of shipments, but you also need personalization so that the script does the search as you want


dreamhig Purchased

this is me check your email from admin@kongkow.email i need your help FAST. thank you.


dreamhig Purchased

check your email. there is no table you mean in ther.

sir that table you must fill example.

if you handle weights up to 50 kilos, you must fill one by one, that is if you have a single simple shipping method you fill that table adding.

if 1 kilo costs 2 dollars if 2 kilos costs 3 dollars if 3 kilos costs 2.5 dollars

and so on until you reach 50 kilos.

If a client from the main website completes the shipping calculation and places 2 kilos, the price should be 3 dollars.

if you understand me friend


dreamhig Purchased

Yes, im understand what you say. but we need to know about shipping calculation. For Example .

In the admin page, we cannot set it by country and by shipping cost. you can see in attacment with this email.

and also, i attact a screeen capture from other my website about shipping calculation setting you can see the diffrent.


We need to know, where the setting for ZONE or COUNTRY ? Because Diffrent country diffrent price ! Example :

1 Kgs singapore to usa is $45 1 Kg singapore to germany $55

In admin page we cannont find for setting them.

We have data base Excel file, From UPS, DHL, And Fedex . And we want input them to the admin.

So our customer can choose by Courier, By Country/Zone, By Weight. also, need calculated for dimension.

If weight is 1 Kilograms, but dimension 20 Cm x 20 cm x 20cm = 8.000 : 5.000 = 1.6 Kgs

So customer will be charge 1.6 Kgs.

Cek my email for image sample, what I want. I need setiing like that, Please let me know ASAP thank you.

Loading time is to much lengthy. :(

Hi thanks for writing you should know that it is a demo, and suddenly many at the same time want to connect but am going to check it well thank you

How do i hide client list from “Employees” Only admin should see client list.

Please provide answer now, you have a very poor support services, you promise to get get back but never do! i send you email you never reply! I add you on skype don’t respond. Please provide the support now. Thanks and waiting


jerry042 Purchased

After installation and importing the database, i changed the default database in the mysql yet it still shows invalid password and username. please why is this happening?


jerry042 Purchased

please how can i change the logo in this new version and as well edit the email content?

hello that modification can be done in the module configurations like change logo and other data for yours, in the menu of the script you can change the names and passwords that are prederterminadas, first make the configuration by your data in the menu vetical there says configurations.


jerry042 Purchased

please where can i edit the logo and company name? <link rel=”shortcut icon” type=”image/png” href=”dashboard/logo-image/image_logo.php?id=2”/> <title><?php echo $company[‘cname’]; ?> | <?php echo $L_[‘title’]; ?></title>

hello that modification can be done in the module configurations like change logo and other data for yours, in the menu of the script you can change the names and passwords that are prederterminadas, first make the configuration by your data in the menu vetical there says configurations.

I am trying to update online book by approving but after clicking Field ‘ruta_imagen’ doesn’t have a default value APPROVE ONLINE RESERVATION I got this message. my client need this system on time.

But I cant add image, I try to add image but it is not showing.

can i collect my money back this is not working the way i thought

Hello please tell me what you need, if you need help to install it well, the script works very well just to configure it with your data. let me know if you need assistance if it is so send me your connection data from your server and I help you install


Vito227 Purchased

When is your next major release/update?

I like the application.could you tell me the PHP framework’s name and version? I need do some customize development.


mikeobi Purchased

Trying to try the SMS alert but Nexmo is a pain to use. ANy possibility of integrating Twillio to this platform?

Can the Admin create a shipment on behalf of a client?

Whereby when the client logs in, they see the shipment in their account.

I need this package with android App Project included