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eyaufe Purchased

Can anyone guide me on how to customize the email template?

Welcome to COURIER SERVICES Hello Receiver’s name

Sender’s name, has sent you a package to your address with the following data:


tool Shipment status:

  1. Tracking: State: In Transit Email: Destination: Address: Date of shipment:

Shipping Details:

Hello friend how are you, to modify that you must enter to the folder


or the language you’re using there you can edit all you need, just locate the gion to modify you edit it and save it and thats all.

Let me know if you need more help


elanziz Purchased

Hello, I just installed the application with the language FR but the texts with é,à, è … do not display correctly

Hello dear friend like these, I will review this language, you tell me which are the accents in some letters, is true


elanziz Purchased

Hello, yes it is characters other than the “é” that appear. For example: “Ajouter un nouvel employé”

can change the currency to UAE Dirham ” AED ” and language to Arabic ” RTL “

Hello dear friend as these, thanks for asking, I could add the currency format, but the translation is could I do, have to look at the rtl format.


sync_nata Purchased

Hello friend If customized in the added part of shipping cost with added box of origin and destination of shipment how much it will cost thank you

Hello as these, thanks for writing, I will review the issue well and later give you answer.


sync_nata Purchased

Hello friend how are u, any update for added bo, waiting for that thank you for your update

Hi send me the details describing that you need with image please to understand you better, send me information to my mail osorio2380@yahoo.es

i have this error when installing for the first time on my sub-domain

Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function mysql_connect() in /home/dadcom/parcel.dad.com.ng/dashboard/database.php:29 Stack trace: #0 /home/dadcom/parcel.dad.com.ng/dashboard/install/post_profile.php(24): require_once() #1 {main} thrown in /home/dadcom/parcel.dad.com.ng/dashboard/database.php on line 29

how can fix that…?

information sent to your email….

Solomon congratulations, your system is running, the problem was already that his version of server was at version 7.0, and the script need version 5.6. Please enjoy your purchase and any thing let me know, happy day


Anytime i login.. its returns me to the login page again

i just installed it and i havent been able to login after the installation completed.. it always takes me back to the login page after the logging in

Support team.. i posted a question and you decided not to answer.. Pls i need clarification on this problem asap


Hello Friend you first register as a client, then log in to cpanel as customer there make the reservation online, when you send the administrator approves and then follow the steps of changes of status and payment of the package

Hi – Does your script works with wordpress?

thanks, Ruben

Hello Friend script can configure it in worpress, the module for consultation or tracking, login and registration form

i just installed it and i havent been able to login after the installation completed.. it always takes me back to the login page after the logging in..

Support team.. i posted a question and you decided not to answer.. Pls i need clarification on this problem asap

I sent you a contact request.. pls check thank you

Hello if I already have your data and I am reviewing to give solution

Dear friend, the system is already installed, and your server has much restriction I’m modifying some files for you, to make it work perfect

Dear Johan, where are you man ? you can’t treat your customer like this? please fix the errors ? what kind of support you is this ? or I will ask to refund my money ! you have very bad support !

Friend Walid is not here be gossiper, you already gave back your money, if you didn’t like the script, or you were not as, your right is to claim refund even if you stay with the Deprixa script, then already you can make sure that their money was returned, thanks for writing Lord and have a happy day

I already did you your money back, thanks.

I asked to get back my money, because your very bad support , also you have no respect for your words, about resolving the errors in your Item in 24 hours, i asked to have just the normal support which normally you are giving to your customer, you must say sorry about your bad words towards me

Hi i love your sofrware , but i would like to modify abit in order to use for my business , are you able to do that ‘ please advice so i can send you the requires and we can discuss thank so much

Hello Friend thank you so send me requirements you need and gladly look at it and discuss it

You can send me information to my mail soporte@jaom.info

May I know it’s fully open source with comprehensive documentation?

Hello thank you for writing, the script can modify while respecting the right of the author

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Jaomweb – Nice script! Looking at the demo, thinking about buying this soon. I have been researching… so far yours is by far the best I have seen. @walid1974 This is not the place nor platform to complain… go to FB… If you need to customize something like @theraininc wants… ask the author… there is NO way to make a script to everyone liking. As a web developer you should know this. Seems like you got your panties all bundled up… go use your refund money and go buy some big boy britches.

Dear friend, thank you for your support and know that there are customers who appreciate the work.

the issue of support is sometimes difficult with some clients, whether servers are very strict, do not know to install the script, have permissions errors or that the customer wants to customize to taste of the for the same price.

If the customer disagrees, that doesn’t like the script, that not what was the thought returns your money, even one as author lose.

as author sold out all the resources to help customers, even at times ask for more of what you buy and so has helped them.

Thank you again for your support.

Best regards


Dear clients, to improve support and more appropriate for you, were implemented a system of tickets, where the client is registered and must place your user name, purchase, code message.

all this in order to support more rapid and safe.

Best regards