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hi, can user choose type of registration from fronted: shipping customer or carrier ?

system so you can adapt to your business, you just have to change some aspects, but if it’s

its still buggy. we’re waiting on v3.2.1.

Hello dear friend I’m finishing some modules, without missing will be ready the day Wednesday, here in colombia is Monday, hope that codecanyo approve as soon as possible.

Hello friend,how are you doing,hope you are good?.. I have a little problem here. I want to know how to edit the status of items.in the Manager panel,we have statuses like.FINISHED,DELAYED,IN TRANSIT,ON HOLD,LANDED and so on…I want to know how I can change them to my own words..like ITEM SHIPPED,ITEM RECEIVED and so on… Kindly get back to me ASAP. Thanks.

Hello how are you, need to edit several modules, already that this is queries mysql directly, I will check to see how you helped with the theme

Can You just give me directives on how to do that?... I just encountered another problem..When I click on sign up,the system says ...Field ‘estado’ doesn’t have a default value… what does it mean?

Can you please update us on when you plan to release an update?


Hello dear friend I’m finishing some modules, without missing will be ready the day Wednesday, here in colombia is Monday, hope that codecanyo approve as soon as possible.

I’m not able to login after installation. When I click on login to my account it says “Table ‘mydatabasename.offices’ doesn’t exist”

Please healp

Hi send me more detail to my mail osorio2380@yahoo.es.

more afternoon you can help with your problem.

You must configure files.

database-settings.php and database.php

I still not clear about your license. If I pay 32$, Could I host on my offline server? Code can be customize?

Waiting your reply…

Hello Friend thank you for asking, you can customize, edit and install it on your server or local.

Not you can sell it on internet.

For more information read is.


After complete update, could you inform by comment or send e-mail to me please?

v3.2.1 stable please …. thanks

Hi, I get the following error whenever I import the database -

Error SQL query:

- Base de datos: `courier3_2`

- -----------

- Estructura de tabla para la tabla `company`


`cname` VARCHAR( 500 ) NOT NULL ,
`cemail` VARCHAR( 500 ) NOT NULL ,
`cphone` VARCHAR( 100 ) NOT NULL ,
`caddress` VARCHAR( 1000 ) NOT NULL ,
`cpassword` VARCHAR( 500 ) NOT NULL ,
`website` VARCHAR( 1000 ) NOT NULL ,
`bemail` VARCHAR( 100 ) NOT NULL ,

MySQL said: Documentation

1046 – No database selected

Thank you for your support.

Hello dear friend send me more details of loq EU like to my mail osorio2380@yahoo.es and deal of help soon

Hi Author, How do we control international shipping? Suppose we have 10-branch.

Hello Friend explain more than its question and so I can answer you best of what like.

Hi JAOMWEB, Suppose I have multi-branch around Asia country. The shipment send from Cambodia to China but the shipment must goes through 3-main hub (KH-TH-CN). My question is how to control shipment across the country? How your manifest control the shipment?

hi, i can nit access account as the manager and administrator, can you please share the log in details

one more point, i can not log in as a employee either. there are 4 options as per description to log in to, administrator, manager, employee and customer, and demo only logs in to manager and client, administrator does not log in and no option for employee at all. some links are not working and shows error image.

in the video you show how bookings are place by the clients but once the prices are genrated andd click on courrier company, video does not show this, i wonder whether it can be completed by fillowing subsequent steps?

from the comments you stated that there is a new version coming, can you advise when are you releasing that version so i can purchase updated version

when booking is made and need to change a status of the parcel from admin, there is no such option to change from “in transit ” to delivered or etc. while at the initial stage you can choose what status to assign to the shipment but then no options available o support the tracking progress


i left some comments under product’s comment section, could you respond please

Hi Johan

Please i emailed you my server details. Kindly help with the installation soon.


Thanks. Michael

Hi Johan

Please i emailed you my server details. Kindly help with the installation soon.


Thanks. Michael

Hi Johan

Pls i emailed u sample pricelist from our partners. When can u help upload them?

the email was sent to you on the 20th of December. I will again forward the price list we need to load to you now. Please check your email. We will greatly appreciate your help if u can let us know how to add the price lists.


Hello have reason, by please make a screenshot for you I indicate where wants to add its list of prices, and so indicate him well as is makes

Best regards


Hi Johan

Please tell me, are you saying you will send me screenshot of where to add prices? I sent you price list of TNT and UPS. I have also gave you access to my website; courier.ie. i hope you remember.


Hola johan

Por favor dígame, ¿está diciendo que me enviará una captura de pantalla de dónde añadir los precios? Te envié una lista de precios de distribuidores de TNT y UPS. También le di el acceso de administrador a mi sitio web; www.courier.ie. Espero que recuerdes


please tell me the admin id and password?

Hello user is

user: Manager password: 09731





hola necesitaría mas información sobre esta licencia que hemos adquirido no nos ha quedado claro varios puntos de la misma como podemos contactarte aquí el código de compra 662b0e71-ceb4-4941-81ed-e8d15879a67b

Hola estimado amigo gracias por su compra, hazme saber que necesitas o como te puedo ayudar, puedes escribirme a mi correo electronico osorio2380@yahoo.es


johan osorio

can you not be bothered answering my comments earlier?! there are alot of bugss with the script and required you assistance to fix them, especially when i am entitled to 6 months support

Hello Friend apology by responding afternoon, have State occupied in the update of the version 3.2.1. This will be ready for tomorrow.

by tell me how I can help, but explain themselves very well step by step.


hnugrv Purchased

hi, we are going to purchase this tracking script for my company, i would like to know, is there any simple snippet codes or form integration codes for wordpress, we just want to integrate tracking code into wordpress page or any php pages, will you help us out after purchasing script for tracking form integration….

looking for your response, so we can proceed further…

Thanks n Regards Gaurav

Hello friend, if you want to add me to skype and I explain that you don’t understand.




hnugrv Purchased

Hello Mate, i have emailed you my issue on this version,,kinldy get the details,, you must have got email from purchased email addresss,,,,, hnugrv@gmail.com ,, and by the name of Gaurav Singh..

waiting for your response brother


This is a great application. I appreciated for this good effort.

And Here I would like to get information regarding the difference between “Courier Deprixa – Logistics worldwide v2.5” and “Courier Deprixa Pro – Integrated Web System v3.2.1”

Also This application more greateful if it has accounting system like income, expense, sales report etc.

Anyway I am going to buy this soon

Thank You.

Hello thank you by write, the version 3.2.1 has best feature in its modules, and the type of template and features are good, to the measure is goes adding more things in the next version.

Best regards


Income, sales and accounts receivable modules and much more will soon be added.

Appreciate for the quick reply.

Dear, Kindly give us more details about the following: 1. Localization possibility (Arabic, Urdu and French). 2. Upgrade possibility (Can we edit in the script ourselves or it’s not allowed?).

Hello thanks for writing, the code it can edit very easy with any editor of your preference, there in ada module php looking for them lines and translate without any problems.

Let me know if you need more help