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How to see the get a quote function? Not see it in action. Link not work!

What the diference of your 2 courier products?

Dear friend as these, thanks for asking and the response is as follows:

version 2.5, is a basic horizontal menu with different style stable version, this version is for people looking for something basic and easy to handle without so many modules.

the recent version 3.2.3, this version has many changes, has vertical menu, register of customers with notification in your Inbox, has a lot more security as encrypted passwords, password recovery, you have search for client automatic if are registered, has various fields LSO different forms, cpanel’s customer is improved, you have calculator or calculator online, in addition to this the script installation is automatic and very easy to use , it has profile with photo included.

This version has many new features.

then friend the 2 versions work well, the difference is the requirement that you have with your work.

in the next weeks will list the version 3.2.4 with renewed web page.

Hi, kindly answer few pre-sale question.

1- Clients accounting & ledger available in system? 2- Can system accepts partial payment? 3- Shipment tracking available for clients? 4- Can I customize Add Shipment form to add/remove desired data input fields? 4- Is it opensource system so that we may customize it as per needs?

Hi friend what a shame takes it to respond, will analyze your questions and will answer you soon.

Best regards



garimam Purchased

We liked your coding template. We would appreciate if you could help us correcting the below error at the earliest.

We get a warning message every time we login either as admin or employee as user: Warning: Missing argument 3 for verify_users() called in home/www. /public_html/courier/deprixa-25/login.php on line72 and defined in home/www. /public_html/courier/deprixa-25/deprixa/library.php on line26.

Kindly support asap.


Hello Friend send me your details on your server and it helped to solve this problem, send me your details to osorio2380@yahoo.es


garimam Purchased


We have emailed the required details. We have got another issue /error while adding courier /shipment . Pl support urgently Data truncated for column ‘declarate’ at row 1.


Hello Friend Friday in my country you do installation and correction of the deprixa script

il like to add role to customer to add information like (‘FREIGHT PRICE ,Subtotal shipping and Payment Mode’)

Where is the Admin link and login so we can check the back-end?

Please provide a dummy tracking number so we can see how the tracking system works and what is shown in the front-end when a user searches

i have installed and configured the script as instructed however. i receive an error when i try to login in

please view here


please assist me as soon as possible as i have a very close deadline.

looking forward to your speedy reply

Hello how are you I already fix the details.

I would like that we connect by teamviewer to help you.


how much would it cost to have you configure and install this script ?

Hi send me your server to log on and help with installation or configuration data

send it to my email osorio2380@yahoo.es

i have sent you the email…yet to here a reply…13 days…i sent another one

friend like you is your email address, I’m looking for what I shipping and do not see it on my desktop, please send it again, immediately do you the installation. I await your response

Find i try to add a shipment from the customer account i get this error

(Field ‘email_delivery’ doesn’t have a default value)

and when i try to send from the Administrator account i get this error

(Field ‘status_delivered’ doesn’t have a default value)

Please how do i fix this urgently?

Dear Sir I have revised his script and works very well, the errors you had were already solved, now what is customization how to add more things or designs are not included in the purchase.

Let me know if you need more help, if you find other errors I report.

You can add me to skype and we answer direct questions.


Each time you do it from your end you come back and tell me it works….really…and if i try to do it from my end it shows same error (Data truncated for column ‘freight’ at row 1)

What is all this??? i added you on skype my id is bitire215…please accept.

Man thanks….This is awesome thanks once again..

Sir i have an issue when i click on “Login to my account” I got an error listed below : Cannot select database. Access denied for user ‘yeporgpk_user’@’localhost’ to database ‘yeporgpk_ship’

i have created a database named as “yeporgpk_ship”. And a user named as “yeporgpk_user”. kindly guide me what should i do to fix this error .

Bro Are you there ??? I need the solution soon brother.Kindly reply asap.

Bro can you please guide my that how i can change the email newsletter that customer got after adding the shipping to database?

where are you man? Why you are not replying me?? Your website is full of bugs and you are not replying me what kind of shity support is this??

UY my friend thousand apologies, I’m having problems by the reception of mail since much information gets me and sometimes not logor recognize emails, I will implement a ticketing system.

We will give priority to you, please send me information server and images tell me where you have the buggy, and again apologies.

send me information to soporte@jaom.info

Dear Johan, where are you ? you can’t treat your customer like this? please fix the errors ? what kind of support you is this ? or I will ask to refund my money !

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ask4eazy Purchased

Greetings Please am having the following error msg ( Warning: Missing argument 3 for verify_users(), called in /home/quespadp/public_html/lslogistic.tk/login.php on line 72 and defined in /home/quespadp/public_html/lslogistic.tk/deprixa/library.php on line 26 ) How do i fix it? And also how can i change my logo from the default logo (Name Of Folder To Find It). Thanks Regards

Hello friend let me know if you already solved the problem of error,

The logo change in module company there choose your logo with the recommended measures to make it look nice.

If you are not able to send me the logo and data from your server and happy helped it.

Best regards



ask4eazy Purchased

Just send me step on how to change the logo my self

I understand, you must enter as administrator of the system, the horizontal bar menu go to the item company there you stand where is the logo supplied yours with the recommended measures and you give only update and thats all.

Remember that the logo is the dashboard and web page