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Looks good. can we see the demo of the backend as well so understand how it works ?

Hi, I Just purchase your app. I have the error: Claim Error – Invalid Acces in every coupon. I think its a problem in your app… Can you help me? (I am logged)

Hi, yes, we have seen that problem also. Please email us for possible fix. Only two files need some update. We have sent already an update. Waiting for approval.

Morning – just a quick question. Where are the details for the coupons coming from ? I hope you are not saying us as there is no way you could keep up with all the coupons that are being advertised by every vendor.

We believe that there is no repository for all coupons to access via a third party API. Some might have but it isnt free. The addition of coupons is via backend.

How to earn money by this app? please explain :) interested to buy

Thanks.One more question,from where i will generate coupons to put it on my apps?

Its in the backend. You need to add it there.

I see brother

why don’t you put all your apps into 1 app?

Hi, we leave our app like this as we are releasing an ultimate app. This app redefines our current app. It might be some apps were package as one but the approach is different. We are excited. :)

Cen not log in web default password

any android version?

Will be released next week.

I Have a question is possible to add when a user enters say 10 meters of a coupon to have a local notification pop up on there app (So Geo Fencing) with the coupon Description ???? so using the location services . I am aware this is a modification request my email is nathan.leddy@gmail.com or can you please tell me what to do to submit this modification request and maybe how much this modification will be.


Hi, emailed you already.

make it for android too

Yes, no worries.

Pre-sale question:

Do I have to own a Macbook to work with this?

Hi, yes you need. But you can do it either in windows just use VMWare to install MACOSX.

Hi, is this written in Swift 2 or Obj-C ?

Hi, its Objective C

Hi, ineed a complement to a business directory for women im running, im having a tough time trying to sell the concept, but your app looks great, i need both versions, android and IOS and also, when the consumer is near to the local of the merchant did they receive a notification?

my site is https://www.guiamujer.mx

also, how well documented is your item?

best regards!

Do you have the android version?

Hi, Android Version will be available next week.

Also no notification integrated on this but it can be done via freelance work.

Docmentation is substantial. Enough to run the app.

Great work! We are waiting an android version!

Ok. Thanks.

the Android version will be this year?

We are still waiting for approval.

is there any android version? I am waiting for long time!

also do you support RTL language?

Hi, we need to check if it is fullt supports RTL but we believe since we code it in the new project settings, it can support. Android is waiting for approval.

How long Android is waiting for approval? where can I download the demo Android application?

Hi email us and we will give you a demo APK.

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Hi, is this app still developed? you were mentioning something about an all-in-one app. also, do you have an ETA for Android version? Thanx

and this app will be still developed? or you advise me to wait and buy the all in one?

Hi yes, all our apps will still be developed. Our ultimate app is different approach. it is a unique app and no one dares to create it here in CC because of the complexity on it.

sounds intriguing, can i email you for more details about the all-in-one? Or a Beta tester, if you need.

Hello! I saw your update the ios app. When the release the android app?

Hi, resubmitted 3 days ago and still not approved. Still it says “Queued for Review”

thanks will wait! and I wrote to you on your mail. please answer.

Hi, how does the user use the coupon after he claims it? Does he go to the store and just show his claimed coupon..?? Is every coupon unique? Are they serial numbered or have another method of making each coupon unique? What happens after the user uses the coupon? Is it still valid to use it again?

HI, user needs to login to claimed coupons, under claimed coupons, the coupon code will be shown below. Regardless if you logged to iOS device then later on logged to Android device, claim coupon will still be the same because it is saved in the backend not locally.

Coupons is universal. Meaning the same coupon code to all users who claimed it.


I purchased the StoreFinder for iOS and Android. I’d like to integrate them both with CouponsFinder to iOS and Android. Is it possible?


Hi, you can email us here for freelance work. mangasaurgames@gmail.com