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I have the same problem than restaurant finder, mi backend is OK on my domains, everything OK, but when i try to run on iOS, no data are charged, please check ASAP. Thanks

Hi, just email us your server url here in our email with the concern. We would likely to help. mangasaurgames@gmail.com

hi, just got this and want to get the android version but first….is there a website version…can i get help setting up all versions…..is push notifications avaliable? will appreciate a swift reply, thanks.

Hi, we replied you via email.

Is it possible to charge the merchant monthly to add coupons?

Yes, but it can be done via freelance work. Email us here. mangasaurgames@gmail.com

thanks will do

Ok sure. We will be waiting.

Did u release the ultimate app?

We havent yet. Still on finalizing stage. But we will be releasing new app prior to that.

what will the new app do?

Is it possible to charge merchants X amount for submitting a coupon. Something along the like credits, they buy 10 credits with each listing costing X amount of credits

Hi in the current app setting. It is not possible but can be done via freelance work.