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Can this script be brand with our own logo and colors

If you know some html you can modify the templates in any way you need.

Hi, how can i change the script to let people use both upper and lower case code ? Mean that if i have the code A1234B need to work both with a1234b Thanks

hi i follow the tutorial and i do the changes but it won’t work.

As the documentation points out, you need to change the default character set and collation. Take into account that you’ll have to do that in your existing table or change it in the installation sql file before installing the script from scratch.

There’s more information about this in the mysql documentation too in case you need it.

solved, i set a wrong collation, now works thanks

hi it’s make with cakephp ? regards

Coupon is made with the Slim micro-framework, much simpler if you need to modify it.

Hey there, this is pre-buy question. i’d like to use your coupon system together with your coupon generator. is it possible to integrate the generated coupon codes within the coupons system system? thanks in advance!

Hi, coupon doesn’t include a “coupon import” feature, so you’ll need to code it. I could also do it for you as a freelance project, drop me an email if you’re interested.

Looks promising, will this work form my site couponsnip

Probably, but you should check the script requirements with your hosting provider if you’re unsure.

IMPORTANTHi guys, i have problem with installation, after upload in folder hosting i have result error 404, please help me thank.

Look I do not want to fight, I would rather deepen the script but believe me it is not funzioanando. I ricreto the .htaccess file in the root, I also installed the zip file directly on the server, nothing is wrong.



Thank you.

It can be translated?

You’d need to modify the templates directly, fortunately there isn’t much to translate really.

you have time to make some arrangements? send me your email to send requirements Regards.

Please contact me using the email form in my profile page.

Hi, I am looking at the demo you have setup but I think it doesn’t work. Is the plugin working correctly? I’ve setup a code in the admin but it doesn’t work in the front-end.

Thank you, Ciprian

You’re right. The demo is not working at the moment, I’ll try to fix it later on.

At least the script works great.

Thank you :)

Will this allow me to do a popup that has a coupon code when someone goes to a page, and have the coupon code good for a set time period, that is determined when they visit that page?

Coupon doesn’t include any popup system, however, you can use your own popup code to display the coupon form.

On the other hand, coupons can be enabled for a certain period of time, once the specified dates pass the coupons are automatically disabled. You can also make coupons expire after they have been used a number of times, or make then non-expirable at all.

Hi, I have a problem for large files. I have a ~500mb file to download and I get an error: 500 Internal Error

Request Timeout

This request takes too long to process, it is timed out by the server. If it should not be timed out, please contact administrator of this web site to increase ‘Connection Timeout’.

What should I do?

Thank you, Ciprian

Hi, that could work but a better solution would be a link to cloud (AWS, Dropbox, Drive etc). Could that be achieved easily?

Thank you, Ciprian

You can’t control the downloads from AWS, Dropbox or Drive and the links could be shared directly, so you couldn’t keep track of how many people downloaded the files.

However, if that work’s for you it shouldn’t be too hard to implement and I could do it as a freelance project, so don’t hesitate to drop me a line if you want to make that modification.

Hi, thank you, I ended up sharing a smaller file (~200MB instead of ~500). Good job tho.

Hi. I use godaddy shared hosting. Will your script work there? Thanks


I checked the demo of your plugin,

my question is,

Is there a way to send a personalized email with the name and some other information to the members of my website and they print this email ?

This seems to be out of the scope of the script. To do that you’d need to modify it so it integrates with your current site.

Also, take into account this is not a ‘wordpress plugin’, it is a stand-alone script.


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Is there any problem about the htaccess file? I’m not able to login as admin because your script doesn’t found the right admin url (404).

Thanks for your support!


The script uses the htaccess file to configure the urls with mod_rewrite. Please make sure mod_rewrite is enabled in your server and the htaccess file included with the script was properly uploaded to the server.

Hi is this working? because the demo i am testing its not recognizing me the coupons i am creating. Its easy to install? Do you have a good Manual?

I’ve been making some changes in the server and maybe there was some misconfiguration. Anyway it seems to be working now if you want to give it a go. It has a web installer and full instructions manual

Hi. I’m looking for something like this but instead of sending the link to the file thought an email I want to be able to get a link as well so that I can share it. This way if I want a user to download a coupon through facebook messenger, I can just copy the link and send it to them. Can this do that? Thanks

You can also download the file directly from the website, no need to get the link via email. You would need to manually copy the generated link though and sharing it this way would skip the coupon code validation.

Maybe you want to check my uploader script instead, it may suit better your needs.


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hello i have this error what i need to do


A website error has occured. The website administrator has been notified of the issue. Sorry for the temporary inconvenience.

El .htaccess por defecto está oculto, etndrás que cambiar las opciones de tu gestor archivos a “mostrar archivos ocultos”.

no funciona momo ayudame necesito eso urgente

momo si tienes whatsapp o skype por favor enviamelo a este email para facilitarte los datos de mi hosting para solucionar este problema…..

Well. I will try this for my site

I want to use it instead of site its present is page

Can my site use this plugin?