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does this script triggered all all store deals and coupons around the world. lets say if user from denmark, Does this portal display Denmark deal and valid coupons? if user use from USA or CANADA, etc. Thanks

please fix the demo or populate it or something!

We have fixed the issue already

script installation failed, not completed give me detailed instruction

Please create ticket at leopedia.com

Was the problem solved with the double menu on mobile device?


Please create ticket at leopedia.com

hi sir i required complete customization like coponzguru.com if it is possible please get me back thank u

Please create ticket at leopedia.com


yukom Purchased

The installation doesn’t work. And if installing the data base, error every where.

Please create ticket at leopedia.com

Just purchased but installation is not working on PHP version 5.5.9-1, getting blank screen in installation.

Even the site support link not working :(

Please don’t buy this script , its completely broken

Please create ticket at leopedia.com


uchetex Purchased

i cant install this script. I am getting the error “Fatal error: Database error 0: Invalid SQL: SELECT * FROM haa_settings ORDER BY `id` ASC in”

Please create ticket at leopedia.com


beedbox Purchased

Hey guys, this is just some broken code with no proper instructions, can we get some support here, can’t f install this because is not working

Please create ticket at leopedia.com

I have trouble getting the pages to link properly. When I click on the coupon, it takes me to a page which reads: (Not Found The requested URL /site/coupon/burger.html was not found on this server). What should I do? I noticed on the server side that the html pages were not created, so the coupons do not have a page to open. Please help me solve this issue, thank you.

Sorry for trouble i request you to create ticket at leopedia.com/support or live chat with us on our time GMT for good support.

I have created a ticket but you are not responding to it. And I am not excited to stay up in the night chatting with you because you have failed to submit a WORKING script for download here. It is now your obligation to find time to chat with me my time.

I am sorry but we have already replied but still let me know your ticket id number

This is bad bad and very bad product. Rewrite url not working, upload image not working, database return to error, support is very lame, poor.. I have no idea to describe this product. 1 star


Its not a bug you don’t have uploaded htaccess file. If you have created our team will support You.


Ok. I’ll created support’s ticket. But please be quickly. I will edited the review

We did

I plan to purchase the product. After the reviews I’ve given up. Thanks for the comments.


Sorry for trouble please create ticket at leopedia.com/support

Our team will help you out.



krabbat Purchased

The theme doesn’t work and the support page doesn’t work. I want my money back!


Sorry for trouble please create ticket at leopedia.com/support

Our team will help you out.


Any option to feed coupons list from JSON results/csv upload

That will be custom job for now

I plan to purchase the product, but The product has ‘critical bad’ , ‘broken code’ ‘support’s ticket bad’

You can create ticket for support we will try our best or direct support

Do the coupons automatically load on the site or do I have to manually load them?

Installation is very easy with few clicks

Can you make a small update of the script and add a small section for each coupon/voucher/deal to list Terms and Conditions?

See this link to understand better what I mean:


Click on Terms and Conditions to expand text under the blue buttons.

I will but this script in 1 hour anyway. Looks great but that update will make it top of the class.

Thank you for your help. Prompt help via support. Its a great script and I highly recommend it. The best php coupon script at Codecanyon.

please rate here it will help us



Done. Thank you once again!

I´m looking for a coupon listing script. I was about to purchase this one but I see a lot of bad reviews. I had tried with CouponPHP (please dont purchase it, terrible support). Has some body here found a good option for a coupon listing site, Something like a retailmenot.com clone? Thanks!

Hmm some people need free things that’s why its all depends , it have live demo server you can test and then buy.

Script is broken,installation fail tested with php 5.5, 5.6, 7.0, 7.1. No updates for over 7 months. DO NOT BUY!

Hello as we see you haven’t purchased support if you need help with issue please email us from our profile