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I want to generate some codes in form of prefix-xxxx-xxxx-suffix

Can your system do this ?

Just edit the generator.php file, go to line 65, where the token is created, and change it to look like this:

$token = $prefix . $generator->getToken($length) . '' . $generator>getToken($length) . $suffix;

Then, when creating the coupon set the length to 4 and add the – character to the prefix and suffix if needed.

EDIT: the code above is not properly displayed, basically you need to generate two tokens separated by -, using the $generator object. Email me if you have trouble.

didn’t understand , i want to generate like this prefix-xxxx-xxxx-suffix

Yes, that’s what the code above does, unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be properly displayed in CC comments. Feel free to email me and I’ll send you code.

Good day. I can’t understand how this plugin integrates with WP? For example I want to create a 10% discount coupon for all products in WP (woocommerce) at back-end and generate for this discount rule 100 unique codes. Then I want to print out my coupons with unique codes, so the customer can apply this coupon code at front-end when check-out. Does your plugin allow to assign generated codes with coupon rule in woocommerce?

This is a stand-alone script, it’s not a WP plugin. It will generate the codes and will allow you to download them in a text file or display them on the screen.

I like this script. How does it tie into a coupon code download system? If this stand alone and 1000 codes are generated etc

You can download the generated codes in a text file, so you can import or use them as you like.

It is not printing on screen or asking to save via csv… Whats up with that?

Please make sure the tmp/ folder is writable. Feel free to email me if you’re still having issues.

I want to produce at least 5m alphanumeric codes but want all upper case (capitals) is this possible using this generator? I would like to them export all these out as a .csv file. I am a complete novice, so sorry if this is basic stuff for you!!

Out of the box it will use lower case too, but if you know some php it’s easy to modify it to make what you need.

Hi momo2 -

I’d like to purchase, but I need forced uppercase too. Can you post the needed code modification here?

Are you available for hire to modify this script? Need it to auto-save codes in a database.


Feel free to send me an email with the details and I’ll check it out as soon as I can.

GLWS, my friend!