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Nice Template, does it have categories and sub-categories functionality? For example if one wants to create search app for a particular country to include all states, cities and so on

Hi, this app has only one table in database, table ‘country’, it’s a list of countries with regions. No categories, categorisation is done using ‘region’ field in ‘country’ table. I didn’t want to complicate things additional. Example is full functional. If you want to extend the app, you will need to do it your self. Documentation is very well written, SQL part is explained really good. If you need any help with specifics, just send me an email. Best Regards

OK, can you upload a demo please

Nice App! good luck with the sales

fantastic work, very well done ! ;)

Hello, Are you planning on releasing a Firebase only version (serverless) ? Using Real Time Database maybe?

Hi, if we decide to do that, it will probably be as a new app with a lots of new functionalities. Best

Thanks for the answer !

Hello. I installed the demo. I have Android 4.1.2. and the application does not start. crashes when loading.


koprenad Author Team


We support android 4.4 and newer.

Best regards, DevTeam

Please add Andorid 4.0 support. Thanks!