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Please confirm this item support Android Studio, I see many comment issue with Android Studio.

Hello, excuse my English. Because, after completing all stages of the game, I get the message “unfortunately Country Flag Quiz has stopped”?

I tested the game in various emulators (in eclipse in android studio, and also emulating the game on my phone), but when arriving at the end of the game, then I see the message “congratulations” I get this message: “unfortunately Country Flag Quiz has stopped “

I tried to leave and re-enter the game, but after pressing the “play” button, keep getting the “unfortunately” message.

How to fix this? After purchasing the application, I worked for one month to build images and “reeskin” the application. Now only correct this “mistake unfortunately” so I publish the application on the “Google Play”

Follow the image with the error: http://imgur.com/a/LnB8p

hello… this use interstitial ads?

Why after completing all stages, I get the message “unfortunately Country Flag Quiz has stopped”? Please anyone could answer?

Can you give me a screenshot of error (in Eclipse or Android Studio, so I can solve the bug)?

Great App!

Just 4 pre-sales questions and I will buy immediately.

  1. Will you provide me the Android Studio project?
  2. Do you have Google Analytics tracking implemented? If not, can you help me with the same?
  3. Will you provide me Android Studio project?
  4. Can you help me with Reskin the template?

Best Regards, Oliver

Also, Flags are not random – can we make Flags to appear randomly?

i have issues with importing codes from this author to android studio my email is victorkipkirui45@gmail.com.....inbox me instructions on how to proceed especially for car racing game

is there any update for android 6.0 ???

Hi i want to buy this source code and i want to know ci it works on android studois


is there any support on this source code? before I got error when load the source code in android studio and the seller not respond to my message.


ezfuat Purchased

how to changed admob time. I dont want to show ad after every question. İt is not good. I wanna show add per 5 question. Please help me?


I’m interested in purchasing this source code.

What do I ask if the advent of interstitial ads can be paused to 3 successful questions?

Why this Source Code error when I import to Android Studio? Here is the screenshot. > http://prntscr.com/ilr3as