Country Flag's Colors Quiz Game | CONSTRUCT 3 | HTML5 | C3P | APK

Country Flag's Colors Quiz Game | CONSTRUCT 3 | HTML5 | C3P | APK

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Country Flag’s Colors Quiz Game is a fun and innovative country flags quiz. This special flag coloring quiz will help you remember all countries’ flags in a very fun way. In less than 1 week, you can remember all countries’ flag easily and effortlessly.

There are 03 modes to be played at this moment in Country Flag’s Colors Quiz Game.

  • Casual Mode: Play by picking randomized 20 flags of any continents (1 to 5 continents)
  • Level Mode: Play to unlock 180+ countries’ flags from the easiest flag to the most difficult ones
  • Review Mode: Review all chosen hard flags


In 45 seconds, try to guess the correct Colors of the Flag. There are 4 types of Hints to help you out:

  • Clock: Extend playing time to 20 seconds more. You have more time to guess remained flags’ colors.
  • Brush: Show 1 Correct Color of the Flag.
  • Bomb: Get rid of 2 – 5 wrong Color Blocks.
  • Map: Show the country’s name for easier guessing.

Be careful with your selected color, wrong choice will cost you 10 seconds from total remained playing time.

You can always PLAY AGAIN after finishing a flag to replay for better flag recognition or get a faster played time record (Level Mode). You also can Favorite the flag for Review later.


  • Profile = Create an account and submit your best records.
  • Shop = Buy more Hints for easier guessing flags’ colors.
  • Levels = Play Level Mode to unlock all countries’ flags’ colors.
  • Scores = Check the Leaderboard for Level Mode, show the winner of all time!


There are lots of features in Guess The Flag’s Color – innovative color flag quiz game.

  • 5 Continents to be picked flags from, you can generate a flag quiz for all continents or a single one of your choice!
  • 4 types of Hint (Clock – Brush – Bomb – Map) for more fun, guessing the flag should be fun!
  • More than 180 country flags to be played!
  • More than 180 levels to be unlocked, can you remember all countries’ flags’ colors in less than 1 week?
  • Collect Daily Rewards each day to buy Hints.
  • Fun and Addictive Slot Machine.
  • Shopping for more Hints. Play flag quiz – collect your coins – shopping!
  • Leaderboard integration! Play and compete other players all around the world! Who can guess all countries’ flags’ colors fastest?
  • A lot more to come (Online versus mode, Flag Package…)!


  • The game is made with Construct 3 and no other 3rd party plugins are used
  • All functions are Construct 3’re events and actions built, no JS stuff (only using JS for Toast Notification which you can delete later on)
  • The game is optimized to play on mobile and windows.
  • All files included: source game .C3P, documentation (PDF), debug APK file for testing and HTML exported ready game.
  • Screen design HD 720×1280
  • Finger touch mobile support game and mouse PC
  • Screens Include: ProfileShop - Game PlayLevel ModeSlot MachineDaily RewardLeaderboard.
  • Comments fully, easy to understand and customize!

Happy guessing all countries’ flag’s color with Country Flag’s Colors Quiz Game!


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