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Countdown With Image Or Video Background was hanging on one second and never reached zero therefore it would not execute the callback when the countdown had completed. This is what fixed the countdown for me. In ../js/countdown_with_background.js search for this statement (around line 85): if ( $.isFunction( options.complete ) ) { options.complete.call( this, the_title ); }

replace this: options.complete.call( this, the_title ); with this: options.complete.call( this, null );

I hope this helps someone. Best regards, videoeditor


Thank you for pointing this out. We’ve fixed the bug and updated the product


Hey there,

This thing is amazing, we love it. It would be awesome if you could add these 2 things to make it unbeatable:

1) Sound OFF button on the left bottom corner, so people who don’t want to experience it can turn it of. I would also love to have a default config option, so we can set either on or off by default on a specific page

2) Replace YouTube video with image on mobile – as you know on mobile it doesn’t do autoplay, so replacing it with image would be much better user experience.

I hope you will be able to make these changes and/or provide a code here.



We’ll take this into account for a future update. Regarding point 1, that is the YouTube iframe and we’ll have to see is a mute button is possible to be added


Is it possible to use countdown in magento theme or extension if i buy extended license?



It’s a jQuery plugin and can be integrated in any type of website

You need to have some magento skills to add it in magento


I should rephrase my question.

Could i use it in magento theme or extension that i want to sell on envato marketplace?


Yes, with extended license you can use it a magento theme or extension which you’ll sell on envato marketplace


Download off the content does not work !!!!!

Sorry it was my server that blocked it… :)

Hiya, after countdown can call a redirect? i want to time it after 30 seconds the user is sent to a another url?

perfect will buy now :))

Just like that 5 minutes after seeing the script, asked a question, got a reply and boom installed on server and perfect. Wouldn’t Evanto be a better place if this was the way all developers played? :)) cheers

Thank you.

Hi Just a quick question, i am just using one of your default html pages, I have edited the video url no probs, can you tell me if i set to:

beginDate:'2015,11,30,12,30,30', //year,month,day,hour,minute,second
            launchingDate:'2015,11,30,12,31,30',  //year,month,day,hour,minute,second

should that be 30 second countdown as its just showing 0000 for all fields



You’ve set launchingDate:’2015,12,12,00,00,30’,

Today is Dec 02, 2015. This means that are 10 days until the countdown ends, from (today) Dec 02, 2015 to (launchingDate) ‘2015,12,12,00,00,30’

If you want that anytime a user goes to your website a 30s countdown will appear, it can be done with a PHP script which will generate launchingDate as 30s from current time.

Please send me on office@lambertgroup.ro a temporary FTP and I’ll do it for you. The page should be PHP


Thanks very much , i emailed FTP


I’ve replied your email


Simply amazing, thank you sooooo much

Hello, can you describe the functionality of this plugin – specifically, is it a div that hovers over page content? I would like to use this on an .net aspx page, however I also want the ability to click outside of the div to return to full site. Is this possible? Thanks,


Is a plugin which will allow you to create a coming soon page.

You have parameters to set the countdown and the background which can be an image or a video.

If you want only a countdown over your page content you can use this one: http://codecanyon.net/item/countdown-pro-for-websiteseventsproducts-launch/5495472



Should I create a new page or the page is already? Or Can we add this code on our page? Which we have already created? Integrate your code on my page here image attached


We just need to http://www.lambertgroupproductions.com/canyon/countdown_with_background/05_countdown_fade.html

Thank you


The page is already created. All the examples are present in the download .zip.

You can upload the files on your server (including the example file) and rename the example file to index.html file. If you already have an index.html file, rename it first.


Does you have live examples of a countdown with a pause and play?? Thanks


You can only pause the video background, like you see in this live preview: http://www.lambertgroupproductions.com/canyon/countdown_with_background/countdown_youtube.html


Is this plugin able to display Weeks, days, hours, minutes, and seconds all at once?


It doesn’t have weeks option.



sega2 Purchased

Does this need jquery UI?


You can skip jQuery-UI loading



As mentioned. ” It is compatible with IOS and Android operating systems”. For sure this will runs on Ipad as well?

Let me know – Thanks.