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Mark, thanks for having a video presentation which included yourself. It is a good feel when the vast majority of Envato products don’t include such personalization. It’s just nice to see a real face when buying.

Second, thanks for including Visual Composer support, though in the Envato community I would better highlight that on the product “Item Details” page and screenshots, because I didn’t see it till later.

Third, I’ve personally brought this up before for such a VC addon, but it hasn’t been made until now :)

Fourth, could you provide some screenshots of the VC implementation? - Definitely willing to buy, but I am an avid VC user now :) So I would like to see what I’m actually getting in to via VC and Countdown Rocket.

Yep. It’s not a problem, this is just initially what I was thinking because I didn’t pay attention that your demo redirected. I thought when I refreshed the page it was just showing alternate content. It’s all good. Servers the same purpose! Thanks for creating this though! Can’t wait to pick up. Appreciate it!

Works great for me thanks!

Perfect, thanks

Had to remove it not working properly at all css issues :(

Please submit a ticket to my help desk for resolution. My plugin was build using latest in Wordpress. So, there is no css issues at our end. Issue is your custom css to your site. Send it a ticket and we will resolve for you. Thanks

Hi, how can I change the labels to other language? Thanks for help!

Hmm. Please submit a ticket at my help desk, at http://www.markdulissesupport.com

Please give full website details with wp admin, and language you want.

Hi, I need german labels (or better: a field to enter my own labels). Best, Marco

Please use support desk with full information and wait for answer. Thanks

how to translate the labels (Days, Hours, Minutes, Seconds) ?

In .js file

does the plugin have auto restart feature?

Yes, this is Everygreen feature

okay, I will buy this plugin. Thanks! :D

how to change the labels to my own language?

I can’t access markdulissesupport.com, it returns 403 error on my browser, so please answer the question here. Thank you.

is there circle style and can i change the color for the circle ?

also can i put 2 or more countdown in the custom page ?

You can put more than 1 countdown on custom page.

There is no circle template, but you can change the colors of every element of the countdowns.

Here is the template with the most rounded corners. http://screencast.com/t/v3QXweET

The demo page isn’t working… is this plugin still current?

server is down and being reformatted today. Thanks

WARNING: Demo site has malware! Scanned by AVG & Malwarebytes software to confirm.

Can’t see demo, so have to assume this project is dead.

this is fixed

About to buy this but I need to know if it works with woocommerce or just wordpress…. thanks

It is a Wordpress plugin

I have update my hosting to PHP 7 and my website has broken.I have deactivated your plugin and my website is live again. Some update?


leopardix Purchased

Is this plugin abandoned? It has not been updated and does not work with PHP 7.