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When I install ChilliLoader (CodeCanyon Script) on my site, the countdown timer does not show in the site. Please visit my site and see the result at

I have disabled ChilliLoader, the script is available in the lower portion of the site.

Please suggest what to do.

Looking forward to getting your favorable reply from you soon.



The ChilliLoader page on codecanyon is at

Before installing the ChilliLoader your timer plugin was working perfectly but after installing the ChilliLoader, it does not show in the site.

For this reason, I have disabled the ChilliLoader. Please extend your cooperation in this regard.

Does this support 3 digits in DAYS ?

For example, we set the end date to 4 months later. So, does it work ?

I can’t get this to work. Downloaded the files and opened in browser, all 0000s. Thoughts?


This looks great. I have a question similar to one that was asked a while back. I’m currently using wordpress and have an under construction plugin for when the site is down. The plugin has an option to input html as the away screen. Would it be possible to put this code inside that html?


URGENT : Just bought your theme, but have a problem!

I tried to upload to Wordpress but this is the message I received: “Unpacking the package… Installing the plugin… The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found. Plugin install failed. Return to Plugins page”

What can I do to correct this??

Hey, love the script. Would love it even more if it did months, days, hours, minutes, seconds.

So if it’s over 30 days, say 35 days, something like 1 month, 5 days, 23 hours, etc, etc.

Any plans to put this in?

semhargebre – this is a not a wordpress plugin, so it will not work that way. I recommend contacting the author for ways to implement it into the system. I had asked a similar question(read my comment right above yours), but hadn’t gotten a response so I’m not sure if the author is still providing support.

Best of luck


it’s been a while since I was here, sorry about that.

Indeed, this is not a Wordpress plugin (it’s located under javascript, not Wordpress).

I just added this in the description



Thanks for this script. I got it through a designer’s bundle. It is really useful. Just one suggestion, you should include psd files for the “days” , “hours” etc for translation purposes.


Hey mitsos92,

Yes, i thought of that. I’ll update it when i have some time :-)


Hi, I just purchased the countdown and I´ve custimized it and all but when I test it on the browsers I can only see ceros, I mean the countdown dont start, I dont know if Im suppose to do something to make it work, Im sorry, I know near to cero about JS but I really need to make this thing work asap, help please?

Hey normagraciano,

please read the manual. You need to adjust the js file and the magic will happen :)


I’ve emailed you as I need a reply asap.

REFUND please, it doesn’t work (I changed the date as per the manual and did nothing to any of the files)

More than 99 days left destruct the layout.

...and I realized I paid 5$ on paypal while the advertised price is $3

Hello, I sent you a message but didn’t get an answer.

I would like to count up from a specific date/hour.

How can i do that ?

Thanks !

Hey, i don’t find your mail anymore, sorry. This is not a standard, minimal adjustment. If you’re interested in some custom work, please mail me again.



I’ve installed your script, it works fine on Firefox & Chrome, but in IE, the countdown doesn’t resize …

My code :

jQuery(”#timer-top-chrono”).jCountdown({ timeText:”2013/02/26 16:00:00”, timeZone:1, style:”flip”, color:”white”, width:220, textGroupSpace:15, textSpace:0, reflection:false, reflectionOpacity:10, reflectionBlur:0, dayTextNumber:2, displayDay:true, displayHour:true, displayMinute:true, displaySecond:true, displayLabel:true, onFinish:function(){ alert(“Le Top Chrono est terminé !”); } });

I want it to be in 240px width.

Thanks :-)

Sir, would I be able to customize the font used in the countdown? Do you provide PSD files with it, for such customization?


Great Countdown Clock! Works like a charm. Quick question is there code or an area where I can display this as my main index.html but then in 5 seconds be redirected automatically to another site.

Thank you for an excellent product. All works well except in Chrome the countdown does not work. Any suggestions?

Any way we can get this to work in Chrome? Please? :(


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