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Hey this looks great and I am looking to buy it but need a couple questions answered first. I’ve read a lot of the previous comments and am wonder, it is possible to fit this into an area of a page, i.e. time till live stream, correct? Also is it possible to have the countdown restart automatically, i.e. count down till every sunday at 8am, and if that is possible can it, say at 8am, then start counting to 10am? I would be willing to pay extra to see a features like this. If you have something similar already on code canyon, know of something, or can develop something I would greatly appreciate the info. Javascript is the one area I haven’t really delved to deeply into.


you can take the counter out of the template (with basic html knowledge). The other functions are not included inside the template, you can always mail me on for a custom project like this.

Cheers, Confix

Just a comment that I was in need of something to produce a time which was not localized but fixed at one timezone (so any visitor from anywhere would see the exact same countdown)

For the mean time, I’ve just passed in the timezone like (you can use UTC -0800, etc there as well):

dateFuture = new Date("12/31/2011 12:00 AM PST");

this seems to work but I still haven’t tested it from various locations.

Also about the use of Date() in java. I’m sure you know this been deprecated for years. See

I would suggest rewriting using Calendar or GregorianCalendar which will allow for internationalization.

Nice css design for the numbers though. That’s just what I needed!

Hey blasthaus,

i fixed the issue, the time is now calculated on GMT +0:00, so make sure you count back to GTM +0:00 if you set the time.

Cheers, Confix

how to enable javascript :)

You can enable this in your browser preferences (normally it’s already enabled)

Cheers, Confix

Hello! Is it possible to change the name for the “days” “minutes” “seconds”? and how? if it’s possible… Thanks!

Hey oceanplaygrounds,

you’ll have to replace the images

Cheers, Confix

How do you control the top margin of the digits in the countdown? Like my numbers aren’t properly centered horizontally in the boxes in my browser so I want to bring them by like 2-3 pixels inside the box. I tried entering margin-top in #countbox but it doesn’t work :(

Thanks for a great plugin!

Sorry, I meant vertical centering. To add to my previous comment, on the Mac, the digits in the count down are not centered vertically.. while on the Windows they are. Any idea how I can fix this? I think it may be an issue with the font/font-size? Thank you.

I just updated to the new js file and got it correct for the start time in Eastern…but when I change my computer time zone here are the results:

Eastern time zone: 9 hours remaining (correct) Central time zone: 11 hours remaining (an extra hour added!) Mountain time zone: 13 hours (yet another extra hour added!) Pacific time zone: 15 hours (yet another extra hour added!).

Any idea what’s wrong?

Update: I realized something…if it’s working the way I need it to work EVERY time zone should show the same. Is this something I can pay you extra to fix for me? It’s really useless if the end time isn’t exactly the same for every user.

Update2: blasthaus’s trick works fine for me, so I think for now I’ll just use that.

Hey brainpeat,

please send me your mail adress in a private message and i’ll send you a custom version.


How do I add the timer to my webpage? I tried “” put it didn’t work. Please help!

... I tried to insert it using the “img src tag” but it didn’t work!

Any chance that you could provide with the .psd for the “days” “hours” “minutes” “seconds” I wanna change it to my native language.

Does this item allow for multiple countdowns on the same page?

How can I set this to the server side time (Am running PHP ) rather than client side?

Sweet. Soo comfortable to handle. Best value for money. Great job!!


Thanks fred999,

i’m glad you like it!


Hi Confix. Nice work, thanks! I am having an issue right out of the box in IE6 . It looks like every time the script fires, flip.jpg is loaded again and again, making the image flash behind the numbers. The same goes for the days/hours/minutes/secs images. Have you run into this issue before?


Hey reduction_design,

Thanks i’ll check it out!


hi, can i change the design layout with my few products on the top or with different design.Thanks

Hey subi061,

If you know some HTML and CSS , yes :-)


Is there a way to show a div after the countdown is completed? like on an ecommerce page? Like when it’s done counting down it shows the div with an id of “Addtocart”.

Of course, it is possible but you’ll need someone who write that custom code. If you’re interested you can always send me a private message.


confix I just pruchased this its great. However I’m trying to get it to work in a rotator(rotates divs only) and seems like I get this error on the transition of the rotator and the count dissapears from the div it was in and won’t come back unless I reload the page.

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property ‘innerHTML’ of null GetCountcounter.js:163 (anonymous function)

Is there a way it can refresh it self with out reloading after a transition.

Can I use this with Joomla…how? Thanks

If the days is greater than 100 the text doesn’t re-size to fit the “days’ div in internet explorer 8/9 but works fine in FF/Chrome/Safari. I tried playing around with the CSS but with no luck.

Thanks, Dale

I’ve added something you might want to insert in the documentation or in the code itself? When you use this to countdown it will ask for the local time but sometimes you want it to count down and display in every timezone the same countdown time that’s left. (GMT-7 should display 14 hours when in GMT it also should display 14 hours left)

Can be done using this little code part: dateNow = new Date(); offset = dateNow.getTimezoneOffset()/60 * 3600000; dateMS = dateNow.setMilliseconds(dateNow.getMilliseconds() + offset); dateFinal = new Date(); dateFinal.setTime(dateMS);

Take care :)