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this is going to be the new #1 countdown in this category. finally a countdown that looks professional!

Thank you! I hope you’ll enjoy it. And remember, if you have a problem please don’t hesitate to mail.

Awesome item, the countdown works perfect ;)

Thanks OscarVega! :)


Yes this looks very nice. Thinking about buying this, but I was wondering if it is possible to use in Wordpress? Can I change the language of the clock to spanish?

Thanks for answer!

Hi again! :)

I don’t think it’s easy to implement this in wordpress (because of the javascript functions).

But it’s easy to setup so you have more time to work on your main wordpress theme :p

Now the language problem… :)

If you bought it, you can replace the images with these:

If you have other questions, feel free to ask :)

Cheers, Confix


Its great. Working and easy to setup.

Regards, Dax

Thanks Dax! :)

I’m glad this is useful to you :)

Cheers, Confix

Is this adjustable in size? It looks great an just want I’m looking for but I need a smaller version for up coming events. something around 200-300px wide…

Hej inbranch!

the counter has a min-width of 500px, you can go smaller but than you have to remove the day-counter (or seconds).

I’m sorry there isn’t a proper solution for your problem, if you have other questions, shoot me a comment :)

Cheers, Confix


I want to change the language of the days,hours,minutes, secs, so replaced the JPGs in the IMG folder, but no changes.

What am i doing wrong?

Where to adjust the text of days,hours,minutes, secs?

Thank you!


first of all, thanks for purchasing my item. If you replaced the images it should work. Perhaps you have to clean your browser cache?


thx, the cache was the guilty. i was like… am i going mad? lol.


I’m looking to embed just the countdown box into an area of on HTML page that I created. I’ve tried a couple different things but nothing seems to work. Any suggestions?

Hey jkobishop, thanks for purchasing. Please give me your email adress, i’ll send you a customized version.


Hello looking to purchase this, but as the countdown has reached zero, I cant see the demo working, could you put some more days on the countdown?


Hey Roscosys,

i just updated the expired timer so tonight the demo will be (probably) up and running again.


it is possible to have rising time, not falling (“countup”)? eg if I want to count the time from January 15, 2005?

It’s possible but you have to custimize the javascript code.


hey there

i am looking for a day only count down, where each image/digit is separate, as something like this:

is that possible with your script?


Hey kneidels,

it’s possible but you have to rewrite the javascript file. If you want a custom made code please contact me at


Very nice. I have one question. This Countdown supports Cyrillic?

Such a counter would like to Wordpress :)

Hey taifun, i’m sorry but i don’t fully understand your question. Do you mean the languages Cyrillic?

cheers, Confix


Seems awesome.


Thanks! :D

Is it possible to customize the size of the numbers so for example have the digit box be the size of 41px by 41px? Are the images used to create this a transparent PNG so they can inserted into any background, or is it cut as a black box as we see in the demo?


Hey qwerks,

the flip box background is transparent, so you can change the background-color. The time descriptions (days, hours, minutes, seconds) are not transparent, so you have to remake them if you want to use them.

Cheers, Confix

What about the ability to re-size. Is it possible to re-size the digits or are those number set size? I’m not talking about truncating the clock by chopping off the seconds or minutes, but making the actual numbers smaller.


Hey again! You can resize the digits in the css file (font-size) but you have to resize the transparent flip image.


I am using this counter for a webcast timer (time till our free webcast starts) but I am realizing it doesn’t take into account any time zone, so our international viewers who have already passed the time to live (say 7 pm eastern) are simply seeing 0 0 0 0 on the timer even though it should say something like 0 4 20 45.

Any ideas?

Hey brianpeat,

sorry it’s just a simple countdown to zero, no time zones implemented

I really hope you’ll find a solution for your problem.

Cheers, Confix

Hi confix …

... I’m really very happy with this countdown, it looks great and professional. There is one wish I would like to see integrated: the only social network I use is Google+. Is there any way to place it in the section?

thanx and best wishes!

Hey cybumbee,

you can replace the image of another social network with Google+ and set your Google+ link in the reserved var for that other social network.

I hope this will work for you.

Cheers, Confix

Thanx a lot, confix … simple but perfect, everything works well ;-D

best regards, cybumbee

No server based time zone support? Is there any chance you can add this? A countdown timer seems useless if it shows a different end time for every time zone. I love how this one looks, but I’m going to have to use something else now. Bummer.


How to copy the javascript code to put it in custom module in joomla to run it in the left site for comming soon of new service in my website

Hey cocoreeco,

i’m not familiar with joomla so i think you have to ask someone who knows that cms better than me.



Hi there,

i want to buy the product but i have a question,

how easy is to remove the days and the coming soon countdown words.

I dont care about days and i want it to fit a 200×60

how easy is that



you can take the countdown html outside the body html and delete the rest, then you only have the countdown part



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