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Hello, how can I adjust the height of theme 10? I want to make it smaller overall (height, width)

hey lepixelink, in the css file there is a dedicated part to theme 10. most adjustments regarding the size of theme 10 are in .ce-countdown—theme-10 div.digits. just try to customize the values to fit your needs.

bests hans

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How to manually control the size of the value of characters in the script countdown?


I’m very interested in this script as your layouts are really fantastic. But I would need support to show remaining months and years as well, which currently doesn’t seem to be available. Is this something that is planned to be added? It would make this script truly the best of all the ones available here on CC!


can the timer reset ever hour? Based on the server time?

Yes it’s possible. Please refer to our documentation, where you can find some examples who answer your question.

Hi, i got a question. Is ist possible to set the countdown to a specific date AND time? For example: I would like to count down to—> 2nd March 2016, 18:00am

I don’t really understand the documentation, and i have read it many times :D

Yes, it’s possible to do that. I think you have to read our documentation many times more. :-D

Ich habe das Theme 10 ohne größere Anpassungen verwendet. Könntest Du mir nicht eben schnell sagen, was ich hinzufügen muss, damit ich den Counter auf Zeit runter rechnen lassen kann?.

Ich komme mit der Anleitung echt nicht zurecht, da ich auch kein ausgewiesener JavaScript Profi bin. In der Dokumentation ist ja in den Beispielen eines dabei, wo genau mein Vorhaben anschaulich dargestellt wird. Der Code unterscheidet sich allerdings generell von dem Theme 10.

Wäre wirklich super von Dir, wenn Du mich aufs Pferd setzen könntest, denn ich sehe den Wald vor lauter Bäumen nicht mehr, obwohl ich die Anleitung wirklich schon dutzende Male gelesen hab :) Problem ist, wenn man keine wirkliche Ahnung davon hat bzw. nicht mehr als die Basics.

Danke Dir

And sorry to everyone, that i have posted in german, but the topic is to much complicated for me, that i dont know how to explain it in english :)


ich verstehe noch nicht wirklich was du genau erreichen willst. Kannst du mir das bitte noch mal genauer per E-Mail schicken?

Danke dir!

Viele Grüße, Sebastian

2016 UPDATE: 0 Support. Terrible FAQ, Broken Code.

I have never left a comment for a purchase before, this one took it.


I’m sorry, that you are dissatisfied with our plugin!

As we mantioned on our product page, we doesn’t support this item. That’s true. I feel sorry, that you obviously overlooked that information.

But we definitely support with problems or bugs within our plugin. So please feel free to report them to us:

That our code is broken is not true. We have many happy customers who were able to install our plugin without any problems. Please write us an email, so we can solve your problem.

Kind regards, Sebastian


How to disable auto start for your plugin?

Hi! There is how to display 00 minute instead of 00 minutes?

HI there, how does one add 1 minute to the timer that is still busy (not yet complete)? There’s nothing in the docs about this, so really not sure if it’s possible. When the page loads, I want the countdown to begin, however, if someone clicks a button before the timer is complete, I would like to set the timer to 1 minute – is this possible?

Is it possible to create an evergreen countdown that I can add on webpages and email as well?

Hello, I’d like to buy your plugin but I’d like to know what kind of countdown I can create (date/evergreen) and if it’s possible to use countdowns in emails too. Thanks

Hi Team,

The timer has been added to one of our website, in portrait is stacks one on top of the other but on landscape the seconds are on the 2nd line. We need to take it to one line or make the a single line have 2 columns, please let us know how this can be done.

Screenshot –


Supports recurring events?


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Hi there, how can we exclude Saturday and Sunday from the countdown? Every day I want it to countdown to 2PM PST, but I don’t want to include Saturday and Sunday.


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Is it possible to add localstorage to the timer?