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Awesome! Thanks for your work. Addon works great !

I do not understand it, could you give an example or demo?

ah I mean that’s just an addon to put videos coub? It is just that?

Yes, convert coub url to embed player for cre8social.

Possible link demo

Okay, today will be a video of the mechanics of the script

Don’t understand…

Can This addon show video, if link from youtube or vimeo ?

Yes, it extends the basic functionality.

oke.. i want to buy it

thank’s it works… :D

You just came out with an update but there are no release notes, what is this for?

Just added more information about the addon and live view. If you have any bugs or suggestions for improvement, please contact me.

I know the crea8social platform really needs a search option on the Discover section for user posted videos, music, images and files. Also, user created posts for videos, music & files should have there own tab on the user profile page.

This is would be a great add-on if you want to make it, I’d buy it.

It works youtube?

Yes, it extends the basic functionality.

Well done, keep going!