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Is this on android studio? Looks like good work!

Thank you :)
I’m Sorry sir but its from eclipse project.. I think its easy to move it from eclipse project to android studio, you just need to take the required files from the eclipse project to android studio like its .java files, .xml, drawable, manifest, and others.

Thank you for the quick reply! All the best!

you are welcome sir :)

hi is the Database online ! or its localon the app fills !

can you make it link with server ! and make it online ! other thing are you available for custom work !

hmmm, i never something like that.. but i think i can make it,, do you mean online that save the data in web hosting or using google API?

yeah thats is what i mean

good luck with sales! :)

thx broo you too :)

Good luck with sales dude :)

thx say you too :)

Hello. I am sorry I am new to this marketplace. My question is : do my the regular licence allow me to customize this ap, change graphics and put it on Google Play with my account ? Thanks in advance

it is okay sir :)

Thank you emirkipang. really good job. Congrats bro.

thx sir, you’re welcome :)

You make changes as colors, change the name of the app, etc? I buy more I can not edit it, you do it?

sorry, what do you mean?

check my email!

i’m not using manual for this app. thx

this app in android studio or eclipse sir? any interestial admob in app?

in eclipse sir. yes.


can you send to email documentation to ocpyosep78@gmail.com