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hi, is this compatible with bootstrap website? and if i can send the information to email?

The plugin is just basic jquery, html and php. Feel free to wrap everything in classes you want.

Hello, Just bought your script. As in Comments one is asking, I would need a Tax function, to add 25% tax. Can you email me example of this? Thanks in advance. /Stiggy

Hi, Nice work. What if customer have to add more than 1 email?

hello, i need for my page 8 order forms for 8 items on 8 different pages on my website. so can i make 8 different order forms with the regular license? 2. i have only access to the html-editor on my site. so can i integrate the form on my site with html-code or do i need a access to the ccs-editor of my site? 3.the price of 9 dollar is monthly?

Hi, can I allow people to upload files with this form?

Hi, I’m looking to integrate a quote calculator like yours in a wix website but form what I understand, It only supports HTML. Would your calculator work with my website?



Hi, this is a pre-purchase enquiry. I have a library for editing forms on the fly. I’m building an application around it, with which users can edit, customize and download the customizations they create. Can I purchase your theme and use as a template in my application? All the users would download after customization is the html. All the other assets – Javascript and all would remain on my server. Cheers.

Hi, this is not a theme. You’ll receive example files and a javascript file to include in your project which will allow you to use certain classes to build your costs.

Hi, I am interested in purchasing your plugin. However before I do, could you answer the following questions please:

- Does the plugin allow for the PayPal payment step to be bypassed, and instead an email simply sent to the customer and administrator? - Can a button be created that simply takes the running total and adds a percentage e.g. running total = $1000, select further product which adds 25% = $1250?

Many thanks, Mike.

Hi, you are not required to use the PayPal page, you can send the form to another file that handles the request instead.


I love your script. I saw a few people ask about adding tax to the total amount. Is that something you have scripted?


I would like to have a parent item with sub selections that would allow a cost multiplier. For instance, if you select to build a website with polish level design the price for the total is multiplied 1.3x. How do I do this with your logic?

Can you please provide a response to this support request.

You will notice in the “cost_calculator.js” file there is a function called “CostFilter”. Here you can run conditional statements and manipulate on the final cost.

If you know javascript, your CostFilter logic could be something like so:

    e = e * 1.3;
return e;

This is as far as I can help you. I hope this helps :)

Hello, I got your Cost Calculator with paypal integration and I customized it to my needs. Tho I can’t see all the selections when someone buy with it. how to I see the full list of items they select?

Hi, I am looking for cost estimator codes for my Html website. Will this work with html website ? If yes, will you guide where to add this code on my website ? Regards Gurpreet

This cost calculator is built with HTML, jQuery and PHP. It comes with documentation but we won’t be able to advice on how to add it to your website.

Thank you for getting back. I need to know, do I have to create php file etc or can I add the code to the normal contact.html page ? Other thing, will I be able to add/ edit/ remove the options easily. Thank You

You can add and remove options within the HTML code. The cost calculation is done with pure HTML and jQuery.

If you want to implement the Paypal, you will have to use the checkout.php as a template.

You can handle the data any way you want after the form is submitted.

Hi Folks, I just downloaded the plug-in Cost Calculator, but Wordpress doesn’t recognize the files as a plug-in. Is there maybe something wrong with the files or can you send me the files by e-mail?


Johan de Wit

Hi, unfortunately this is because cost calculator isn’t a wordpress plugin.

I can not install this plugin, wordpress generates this message: Installing plugins from the uploaded file: CodeCanyon-10234630-cost-calculator-with-paypal-integration (2) .zip Unzipping the package …

Installing plugins …

The package can not be installed. No results were found valid plugin.

Installing the plugin failed.

Return installer plugin

Hi, unfortunately this is because cost calculator isn’t a wordpress plugin.

Hi! We would like to have an additional service at your cost calculator and we will pay for it. We need an option “pay per invoice”. All form data will go to our mail. is it possible?



I’m looking to buy this plugin but have a question but just have a couple of questions:

- Is there an option to add an on hover tooltip over the buttons to display small amount of text? If not, can this be easily added?

- Is it possible to add total from different tabs? I’d like to have 3 or 4 different sections/tabs for users to choose from but I would like to keep 1 total (I don’t want it to reset each time they change a tab)

Thanks and great work!