Corona SDK Ultimate Colorbook with AdMob

Corona SDK Ultimate Colorbook with AdMob

This is a Corona SDK template featuring a “coloring book” style app with AdMob banners integrated!
DISCLAIMER: This template requires the 2014.2511 version of Corona SDK. Since march 2015 the pro licence of Corona is free. You will need to have it enabled before using the app! If you have not done so yet, just logout from corona sdk (from the app on your computer) and login again, you will have the pro licence

Do you want to make your own themed color book? Yes? Then this template is perfect for you!
And the best thing is that you can save your own creations directly into the phone’s gallery!
Also, thanks to Corona multi platform support, you can easily publish to android and iOS with a click!

Making your own coloring app has never been easier. Put the files in a folder, rename them and your app is done!
Additionally you can configure your own color palette, change the credits, and integrate your AdMob banners!


- Unlimited number of pictures in the gallery
- Save screensots directly into the gallery
- Configurable color palette
- Configurable credits
- AdMob banner integration
- 4 brush sizes
- Eraser

Here is a demo apk for Android: Ultimate Colorbook Demo – Android

Leave us a feedback if you liked our work :3 Corona SDK Ultimate Colorbook with AdMob - 1

Have fun!


v1.1.1 – 12/06/2015
- Updated the AdMob library

v1.1 – 05/05/2015
- Bugfix: changed eraser method for better Android compatibility

v1.0 – 11/04/2015
- First stable release